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    In praise of EV'S

    same. Other than charging at home 99% of the time, I charge at a couple of motorway services 150-200ish miles from home, then occasionally in the destination city, if there is a charge point in the car park of the hotel. That is all most people will ever need.
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    In praise of EV'S

    cheaper than the petrol / diesel alternative per mile this is a fair challenge, and one that will likely be alleviated by much shorter charging times
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    The Beatles: Get Back

    ....and what a great final recording to make in Abbey Road. I guess you can see the seeds though, McCartney was trying to keep it together, and keep the drive, focus and momentum, he also had his own musical ideas, and his musicality and ability to arrange was stronger than the other 3, his work...
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    The Beatles: Get Back

    Yeah, it was inevitable, the power vacuum could only be filled by McCartney and that would change the entire dynamics of the band
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    The Beatles: Get Back

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    The Beatles: Get Back

    sometimes you get a genius and everyone else is along for the ride, it's pretty rare to get 3 great song writers....and ringo :D
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    The Beatles: Get Back

    Anyone else binged on this? Great to see such a candid documentary, watching the creative processes at work. Ringo man of few words, George wanting to be taken seriously, Lennon's inferiority complex hidden behind the joker image, and McCartney trying to be the project manager and herd the...
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    Where do you think wilder will strengthen in jan go to the "Offensive" contribution tab, and sort by the columns. At some point he'll get his confidence and it'll click and he'll be the key player for a period
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    Where do you think wilder will strengthen in jan

    In an ideal world he would probably replace 10 players. However, this isn't ideal, we don't have the money to do that, we won't be able to get that many out of the door to make the space. So of the positions he would most like to look at: - I don't think Hernandez is suited to the wing back...
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    Duncan Watmore reveals why it's starting to click at Boro [Echo]

    The stats tell you why it's starting to click. 505 passes, the most in any game this season. only 16% of passes were long passes too, and that is away from home to a top half team. This was the first time this season we had beaten anyone in the top half too. If you control the ball then the...
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    Gypsy John Fury

    He's just a thug living vicariously though his son and getting off on the stardom. If not for his son, would he ever have had air time in his life? other than court cases for GBH?
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    Burnley spurs off

    ...and that's the Burnley way
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    Switzerland effectively have banned the U.K. from visiting

    If they have sense then yes. I wouldn't let plague island visit. Our statistics are shocking and have been throughout this pandemic.
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    In praise of EV'S

    I'd rather not stop....but my bladder has other ideas
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    In praise of EV'S

    I have to go travel from Kent to Durham occasionally as my daughter is at Durham Uni. 300 miles there, I stop at Grantham for 30mins to charge, but I'd have to stop for a pee, a coffee and a sandwich anyway, which I now eat as I watch netflix in the car. 30 mins, off again and that's it...