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    The other half

    Dorothy Perkins, Eldon Square.
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    For me it usually boils down to two things: the inability to challenge your bias whilst simultaneously not understanding what your personal bias is. Secondly, an inability to understand the motives and objectives of these stories/outlets (to be fair, this is true across the board). An...
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    Listening to Fleetwood mac today

    I feel the same about post-Green Fleetwood Mac as I feel about post-Barrett Pink Floyd. Admittedly there's some decent stuff on Rumours but they seemed to lose any "edge" after their most talented/authentic member departed. That Chain vid looks like a Rolling Thunder tribute act to my eyes.
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    Yet another reason to love Neil Young.

    Yep, it's frustrating isn't it - basically used as a catchall for any untrue, defamatory or potentially illegal statement, but "free speech" and all that. There's a through in almost all of those people you mention - they've had a previously "successful" career doing something else, only for...
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    New Music 2022

    Porto in June for me, can't wait. Definitely my only remaining "top" band I've yet to see live. Was tempted by Aarhus later in the year too, it's effectively a club show (venue holds around 800) - may have sold out now though.
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    New Music 2022

    Hmm, bet it didn't take him long to write that. I'm a huge fan of the White Stripes and his first couple of solo records but it seems like he's taking the easy option these days. Hopefully a bit more variety on the album though and this is just the "radio friendly unit-shifter".
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    Adama Traore is set for a return to Barcelona

    Personally I think it shows that we actually had a good side, just in the hands of the wrong manager. Monk, whilst slow to start, would have been the man to get the best out of Braithwaite I think, but was obviously let go for non-footballing reasons. As soon as Pulis came in, all hope of...
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    Everybody ready for their 10% NI increase then?

    100% this - before any tax rise is implemented it would be useful to understand the % of tax money which has been completely wasted during the pandemic, or simply handed out to mates of mates. The fallacy of national debt strikes again I'm afraid - the Conservatives are incredibly adept at...
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    Yet another reason to love Neil Young.

    The old "alternative view" defence :ROFLMAO:
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    Yet another thinly veiled attempt to stick "Great Britain/British" in front of literally anything in the hope it will find its target demographic. Appears to be working mind judging by this thread.
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    T20 Tonight

    Didn't look well last night did he. Rovman Powell's innings was sublime, one of the best I've witnessed in t20.
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    Morrissey open letter to Marr

    Johnny Marr is a brilliant guitarist, responsible for some of the finest "licks" ever in my opinion. What Difference does it make being just one example. His chord progressions are incredible too - Half a Person springs to mind. I'm really conflicted over Morrissey, I hate him and everything...
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    Panorama - Anti Social Behaviour: Afraid in my own home

    It's how that wealth is distributed though, look at countries with more equal wealth distribution (most Nordic countries) and crime statistics differ dramatically. I'm sure there's more to it but it must be said that the vast majority of people, if they had the money to do something more...
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    Morrissey open letter to Marr

    Think he's just calling his bluff - fully expect a reunion tour to be announced tomorrow. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Jack Clarke

    Surprised he's dropped that low, would have expected a championship team to pick him up. No use to us - we don't play with wingers. Some decent business being done by Sunderland for league 1 - Batth, Roberts and Clarke.