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    Usyk v Joshua 2

    Tricky one to call this as AJ has switched trainers so there's all sorts of styles he could use it's whether or not they're successful against the might of Usyk. Normally put money on a AJ fight and normally it's just a particular round to keep it interesting but genuinely any sceanrio is...
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    Chuba Akpom`s day

    I believe Warnock said he was 6th choice so no doubt that will have done wonders for his confidence.
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    Keinan Davis Villa forward

    Didn't he have Calvert-Lewin at one stage too?
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    Another member of FMTTM joins the Holgate In The Sky

    Great lad Ste always had time to chat to anyone about anything Boro. RIP @Stepper_T
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    Silence of The Rams

    Send them down Rangers style. Worked for them in the long run.
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    Ronnie O'Sullivan

    Behind the times on this one for me. I think Lewis gets more if your purely basing it on SPOTY wins/nominations.
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    Nominees for the biggest transfer rip off in football league history

    Mido - 7m where Boro are concerned. Man Utd must have at least 2, Maguire 85m and Pogba for 105m, I mean there's wasting your money and then there's that. Adrian Mutu for Chelsea also should get a mention.
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    Europa Cup Semi Finals

    A few times.
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    Northern Echo - Karl Darlow is our top GK target

    Someone in the recruitment team must like him, we've been linked with him for years. I would need convincing with this signing, I remember that game TC is referring to, can't remember the season possibly a Mowbray one where it was a bit dour, that game and Darlow's kicking abilities was one of...
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    Well done Aitor

    He's picked some rotten clubs since he left us so hope he actually finds a club suited to him and even more so the players he's managing.
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    Mowbray likely to be leaving Blackburn

    Love that man. I'm not even old enough to fully appreciate what an immense figure he was during the clubs most difficult period. I always thought Mowbray was the man to replace McLaren all those years back, even now I haven't been convinced in thinking otherwise.
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    Predictions for the final day?

    Luton win and Sheff Utd might get a last minute equalizer which would be agony.
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    Ronnie O'Sullivan

    How many SPOTY's has Lewis Hamilton won?
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    Ronnie O'Sullivan

    He deserved to win this tournament he was the best player throughout. Trump will have learned a lot tonight.
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    If you booed Connolly

    That's hypothetical really.