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    Switzerland effectively have banned the U.K. from visiting

    Some people actually believed the rhetoric from the governments and scientists when they said “your path to freedom was to get vaccinated ” — duped maybe?
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    Variant of concern in South Africa

    Pfizer already saying that they are optimistic that their vaccine will hold up against the new variant. I’ve however that some scientists are saying this could be a completely new virus and we’ll need a new vaccine— who knows as it’ll take a lot more data to see where we are with it.
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    US TV Commentator

    I thought the same thing — I was trying to find the name of the commentator anyone know?
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    Our fans

    They were absolutely amazing again today — packed out the away end.
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    US TV Commentator

    commentator actually got Jones name correct at the start of the match but then for whatever reason started calling him Ozzie— weird.
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    Anyone else think that the other Boro players don’t like him? I’m little concerned today because he had the chance to put Watmore through for his third and he basically passed the ball somewhere else. His body language on the field sometimes looks (not only today) strange and those who watched...
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    Yellow Cards??

    Yes I even thought the Bola yellow wasn’t a card — no intent and it was basically his first foul. They got away I thought with a few tackles in the first half — one on Paddy which went unpunished. Perhaps we should have had penna when Tav hit a shot against a defenders arm later in the second half.
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    Variant of concern in South Africa

    Whinney although there’s no obvious cure for your situation I’m hoping you don’t give up and try to eat as much fresh fruit as possible which will help in your predicament. Also I’ve had a lady near me with the same issue and she’s been on MSM organic sulphur which has speeded up her recovery...
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    Things looking up.

    Anyone else think that was the best first half we’ve played for donkey’s years? Huddersfield couldn’t get close to us in the first half — we were just purring like a finely tuned engine. We just need output from Sporar and Tav. Second half was probably more about containment which I thought we...
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    US TV Commentator

    Calling Isiah Jones — Osborne
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    Variant of concern in South Africa

    Sometime next week apparently
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    Predictions for the future

    Maybe we’ll be gone, for instance a sizable asteroid crashes into Mother Earth and that will be it.
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    'The Wilder Effect'

    Let’s not get too alarmed by the loss to PNE — for the most part the football was excellent— passing, movement was great but we just lacked the confidence maybe in front of goal.
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    Wilders presser

    plenty of plus (attacking) points but in the end we lost — basically our defensive situation is critical. Let’s face it we did more than enough to runaway with the game tonight but as we know with our back line and keeper we’re just a bad pass away from a defeat and so it proved tonight. Fry...
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    Gareth pens new England contract

    I think that's a shrewd move by Gareth -- knows which side his bread is buttered on you could say. I don't think many could argue the job he's done with the national side -- long may it continue.