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    Must be good for us,Blackburn are a good team but this guy has scored almost half of their goals
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    Fulham are away and I can't see them being caught, one auto still up for grabs though...(y)
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    Very Quiet on Transfer Front

    Two more to come in yet
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    Just how many goals are Fulham going to score this season?

    Crazy goal scoring form, Paddy and Dael will have them in their back pockets though...
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    Inside Matchday - Reading

    Still buzzing......just watched it again, what a finish....
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    Robbo on our 3pts article today

    Oh boy did the FA and Kelly get some stick from us boys at the FA Cup final. 3 points,3 points, 3 points
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    Very Quiet on Transfer Front

    Spence to the PL would be incredible, thank goodness he played a blinder against Arsenal
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    Very Quiet on Transfer Front

    I know just being greedy....
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    Very Quiet on Transfer Front

    Are we trying to offload players before we can get the couple more Wilder is after? Uche, Browne,Hall, Siliki out first?
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    Emma Raducanu - Australian Open

    Excellent start, wonder who she plays next?
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    Emma Raducanu - Australian Open

    Smashing the decider though
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    Essential part of our midfield, coming back to form, confidence increasing, high hopes for remaining games. Key player for us
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    Labour 10 points ahead of Tories...

    Tories are in self destruction mode (y)
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    Mike Ashley in talks to seal Compensation deal with Boro

    Have no idea how this will end, I fear the upcoming home game against Derby could be a difficult and dangerous one
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    Middlesbrough boss explains decision to move on James Lea-Siliki [Echo]

    Seemed like a great loan at the time but sadly didn't work out. Best all round if we can shift him on