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    In praise of EV'S This is the information source. Carwow if anything is pro-electric, certainly no reason to be anti. They are a car selling company and sell a lot of electric and ICE cars. ST - maybe you should contact them and put them right?
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    A reflection on Saturday

    A really lovely post. Up lifting. (y) What a contrast to some of the negative troll like stuff, that has been sadly posted on here in the recent past.
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    In praise of EV'S

    Charging up is going to be interesting - a super fast public charger can charge up a EV in an hour (non Tesla) according to Carwow website. I expect these super chargers are pretty expensive to use, but useful if on a long journey when a recharge is required say every 150/175 miles (charge when...
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    Many Happy Returns , Billy Connolly - 79 years today

    He seems one of the good guys in life.
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    New Green Hydrogen Plant

    Green hydrogen is a great fuel - no carbon, no nuclear waste for the next 5,000 years, less concern about the sun being out or the wind blowing. When gas boilers ICE vehicles are banned there will be enormous pressure on the electricity grid. Good news for Teesside too that is perfectly set...
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    Golf GTD

    I can see diesel vehicles having a tougher time from lawmakers in the near future. Higher fuel tax, higher road tax, more restrictions driving in cities. If you take a 3 year old diesel vehicle into London its now £12.50 a go. This type of thing will spread. We need to reduce carbon emissions...
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    Where do you think wilder will strengthen in jan

    At present - Spence to come back looks very likely. Loan out 1 or 2 of Coburn/Ikpeazu and get replacement(s) in. I think the keeper situation will be closely monitored.
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    25/1 for promotion

    I am not saying promotion is likely, but if the 25/1 is available as quoted on Oddschecker its value (we have a better than 4% chance in my humble opinion - I would say more like 6%). As a very measured punter I only bet very modestly on what I see as bargains. Basis: We have improved under...
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    In praise of EV'S

    ST - I don't lie and take offence that you call me a liar. The purchase price of EVs is more expensive and I can tell you I suspect no different. Why is the price of EVs not dropping with the increase in production volumes? Can we stick to facts on the price of EVs rather than name calling.
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    Our fans

    Over 6,000 for some away league games in the Xmas holiday periods shows how the club is woven into the fabric of the area and its people. That 6,000 is for a town based club, from what is described as an unfashionable and very deprived area.
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    Spanish Property

    Weather wise - the Canaries and Madeira are the warmest in the Winter - no snow or frost.
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    In praise of EV'S

    I can see the advantages of EVs for people who have one as a business car and can always charge at home, say never drive more than 200 miles in day. I am surprised that they so expensive to buy. We were told in the past it was because they were made in low volume, but that is not true in...
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    In praise of EV'S

    I posted to help me stay calm during games when following them in the house - especially after the last 2 home games.
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    In praise of EV'S

    My petrol car does 10.9 miles per litre - it has a 45 litre tank - range should be around 490 miles. Range tends to be not an issue with garages every 15 miles, unless you live in a very remote area. I quite often do 250 miles without refilling. In a EV I would want the guaranteed same. The...
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    Do you feel the Riverside is looking a little tired these days?

    The outside now looks grey when it was white originally, but when inside does it matter. I 'd like to see any clear plastic roofing cleaned and the seats blow torched. I actually think the surrounding area has improved with the new buildings over the last 15 years particularly the College.