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    Boro managers DO NOT chuck the cups away

    The game is faster especially at the higher levels, with more highly tuned players. I'd like to see how many miles are covered now compared with 1977 by a player in the top leagues. Look at physiques of players, few carry extra fat, which has increased the speed and movement of everything. Its...
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    Thank you Gordon

    Its is a good speech, but the current Labour Party and the past one need to assess why they lost in 2010 and 2015 elections, before anyone knew the word Brexit or EU Referendum. The obvious one is almost being wiped out in Scotland in 2015 a former stronghold which impacts the UK elections and...
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    Shef u team sheet is in

    Maybe 6 in first 11. I would say that is a strong line up for first round of the league cup.
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    What a fantastic shot of the red faction v WBA

    What a difference nowadays compared with what it was like under GS2 when the club had tried to kill Red Faction at birth (like some modern day King Herod) and we were down to only 13k? Boro fans for home games. Well they have grown up to be an adult Moses. Can we be led across the the desert to...
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    Shef u team sheet is in

    7 first team 11ers by my reckoning for SU.
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    Sheff Utd away support.

    If the tickets have been on general sale for a few days they will not sell many more than sold now. In fact the cut off would have been earlier today to get tickets posted out. Just over 2,000 is not bad, but it is only 95 minutes each way on a Sunday in a car. Its M1/A1/A19/A66 - never off a...
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    Boro pull out of Larsen deal

    I saw 9m Euros quoted not pounds. About £7.6m. Like Larsen says its a high offer and higher than Bologna offered. Tav went for £10m plus £2.5m, by as said has been first team in the English Championship for three full years which is probably slightly higher standard than the Dutch League...
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    Going Out this Winter

    Interesting what HC says - there was a company wanting to build a set of giant wind turbines between Redcar and Guisborough quite close to housing about 10 years ago. I thought what benefit would the local community get - there were offering to fund some small local projects and pay some rent to...
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    Going Out this Winter

    The obvious answer is energy producers (not necessarily your supplier). For example Qatar's income must be up 5 or 6 times what it used to be. They must be the biggest exporter of gas nowadays. As a country we have to invest in more Solar and Wind and Nuclear and quickly. It is an appalling...
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    The reality of parachute payments

    £35m is a massive gap in the Championship - it has also encouraged Championship clubs without the payments to overspend massively see Derby County.
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    Boro pull out of Larsen deal

    Groningen could be stuck with a player than now said he wants to move on. He and his advisers think the latest bid is high. If he doesn't move on its not a healthy situation for him or his club. Groningen will have to significantly increase his wages and this the wages of other payers at the...
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    Post one 80s hit that you can guarantee everyone has forgotten about.
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    Going Out this Winter

    I am not a big fan of Wetherspoons but I picked them because they are cheap (£2.20 pints), they are usually big so you can stay there without being noticed and there are a lot of them.
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    How many first Boro players team debuts were there tonight?

    When has Gibson played for the first team before? Home debuts for Smith and Forss Half the team were really under23s - Hackney, Fletcher, Gibson, Finch, Bilongo, Dodds even Boyd-Munce. (7) Obviously highlights we need at least another 4 first team players.
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    Going Out this Winter

    If its £8 to have the heating on and lights on in the winter's evening - might it be cheaper to walk to your local Witherspoon's pub for the evening and say drink 2 pints over 3 hours to save money?