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    Recruiting a new contractual player for the defence

    Howson is best in midfield, we really only have 3 central midfielders and one of them is injured. Isn't it easier to recruit a club free defender to cover one of our long term injured defenders? There must be some cash available from bigger crowds this season and the cup run.
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    Recruiting a new contractual player for the defence

    Ref PK - I don't know his current condition, he was released by Stoke in the Summer - Samba of 2 years ago is another in the the same category - but I did say that type of player i.e, later years defender with decent record for defending.
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    FA Cup 3rd Round Draw

    Pleased with Villa @ home 30k plus crowd - nothing to lose.
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    Recruiting a new contractual player for the defence

    I agree on point 1. On point 2 - a player coming is likely to earning nothing at present - likely candidates are in their 30s - possibly earning a bonus close to the end of their career On point 3 - agreed, but as per pount 2 its probably a player in their 30s who may struggle to play week in...
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    Recruiting a new contractual player for the defence

    As we stand we may only have 4 available defenders for the Ipswich game and 2 of them are left backs, one id still very inexperienced and one is just coming back from 14 months out. We also have 2 defenders out for the season. Surely if there is ever a time to dip into the non contractual...
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    The vile town of Middlesbrough

    It seems like a video designed to get real people to respond - crime, drugs and under employment are all higher than the National average, but if alcohol are included (as a drug) its probably been true since 1919 for all those three categories. Its an industrial working class town and now a...
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    A big positive from yesterday

    He's better than Chuba at the same age and will improve. Was yesterday the first time Leeds let in 2 goals at home this season?
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    Defence Shocking Again

    I think people are getting frustrated with the run of bad defensive performances i.e 9 goals in 3 league away games or put it another way 8 away goals and only 1 point.
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    How many red cards at Leeds over the years?

    David Mills, Stuart Ripley - both players rarely got booked.
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    West Brom v Leicester

    I prefer Leicester - I think they will be top 2 come the end of the season.
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    Same starting 11 as against Preston? Engel on subs bench for Greenwood. Bar bones really.
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    Four new nuclear reactors coming to Teesside - possibly

    The current Hartlepool reactor is very old now. I remember looking around it in 1993 and it had IT systems out of the ark. It never seemed to work until the 1980s. It does make since to replace it with something using current workforce and infrastructure. To me we need a significant amount of...
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    FACT: Leeds have`nt lost a home League game this season.

    Tough challenge today - 6 wins on the trot and we have most of our first team missing. I still think anything can happen.
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    Good luck if your travelling to Leeds by train

    Its much better in the South East - HS1 and Crossrail have been massive investments. The rail in the North is basically being gradually run down for many years now.
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    Good luck if your travelling to Leeds by train

    Sorry for those travelling - we had a couple inches of snow in the Welsh borders, I was expecting some games off today in England. Shocked by those prices - £44.90 for a single - is that Newcastle to Leeds? (97 miles)