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    Except he didn't walk out without a pay off. I absolutely know he was paid on leaving.
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    I played gigs in Europe pre and post borders and carnets. The difference was immense. That big carnet document listing all your items down to guitar strings you had was countersigned at every border crossing point in Europe. Then a few years later you just motored through, no border checks, no...
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    Boro badge trail at Saltburn

    Looks great.
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    Brian Clough

    But it has now broken multiple times. A solution needs to be found first. The cost of repair is considerable. It has to be transported down to the south east to specialists.
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    Brian Clough

    Yes, that is exactly what happened the last time it was fixed, the statue was placed on a new base that supports the raised foot. So, it should not have cracked again. It is a really popular attraction at Albert Parl, or was. And that park is itself a really popular park in the heart of...
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    The new ITV highlights show

    It will be increased profile though although admittedly it is not itv 1 or even 2.
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    1960s, 70s and 80s Boro Players

    I spoke to 3 former Boro players outside the Riverside today who span the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Two defenders, one forward. Sadly one of the ex players is now in a wheelchair. The forward always gives me a bit of abuse as he steams past me. But he is a character and I earned the abuse.
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    Jeff Stelling - Bernard Gent Tribute on SSN

    Bernard's daughter was at the match today. Gary Philipson was chatting with her before the game.
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    Cleveland Centre Car Park

    Captain Cook - former Brentnall multi storey is free for 3 hours. That has to be one of the main town centre car parks.
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    Summer Fun at Museums

    Please find attached a press release on a bumper crop of summer activities for all the family at Middlesbrough Museums. ALL ABOARD FOR SUMMER WITH MIDDLESBROUGH MUSEUMS! Middlesbrough Museums have released their summer line-up of activities and it’s a bumper season packed full of...
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    Bernard Cribbins Characters

    Old Jack
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    It's remarkably quiet on booking tickets for QPR

    Away season ticket numbers were just over 100 in recent seasons.
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    Keiran Scott

    Kieran Scott is also responsible for finding new buying clubs or loaning out Boro players. So he will have been very busy on that side of the operation this week. I wonder, as he is one step removed whether player recruitment and exits are more of a numbers game, over all strategy rather than...
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    RIP Bernard Cribbins

    I remember going to Staithes and seeing Bernard being filmed for the children's programme, Old Jack's Boat. An incredible career. Obviously a top, top bloke, as well as actor. RIP
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    We've accepted a bid of £12m for Tav

    We don't know any details of this deal do we? Transfers are paid in instalments. Split over several years. Could we be getting a big slice of the fee upfront? Do we get £8 m more for Tav playing 25 Premier appearances etc etc? It will be a massive blow to lose arguably our best player and most...