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    Great covers

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    What's your weakness

    Nuts Crisps Biscuits sweets chocolate Donuts Beer
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    Hi-fi System help

    Look at an all in one box. Plays all radio frequencies, DAB, internet radio (the best thing ever!!), CD player USB and ipod in etc. Then buy a nice set of bookshelf speakers, a good turntable and a phono amp. This will sound awesome. Richer sounds will put that together for you. You can add a...
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    Best lockdown purchase

    Crashed my car just before Christmas and insurance were really quick to settle. Bought a new one about a month ago and currently its returning 4 weeks to the gallon. Bought 3 new pairs of shoes/trainers which still have the stickers on and paper stuffed inside them. Bought 2 high end watches...
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    Road bike for sale-Cheap

    No one interested? Wow, seriously good bike for £65.
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    Road bike for sale-Cheap

    Just gathering dust in the shed, Schwinn Sport Fastback road bike. Small frame. I know very little about bikes but this has great gears, click levers behind the brake levers, and then you knock the brake levers to the side to select the gears the other way. Really light. Nice smooth tyres...
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    different opinions

    Good news rarely makes the news.
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    Parks and walks in Middlesbrough.

    It’s nice up past the new Grey Towers village in Nunthorpe. On the Pool Hospital roundabout there’s a little dirt track where you can park your car. Walk the path and it will take you past Grey towers lake ( private) and out towards Nunthorpe Hall. Some lovely views.
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    Supermarkets. Only the big ones. I can’t go in the big ones. Aldi/Lidl I’m ok with it but the big ones I just go blind, I get really bad trolley rage and I can’t physically identify anything on shelves.
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    Ready for a bargain

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    Songs that emotionally cut you

    Recently just discovered this guy. Really emotive. Great voice and some great cover versions...
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    Dad Jokes - all welcome!

    I spotted this whilst working in Ghana....
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    Any Graphic Designers/poster makers?

    Its my daughters birthday soon and i want to get a couple of A5 posters made for her. Something unique. I've come across a company called Northproject that do Boro related posters/digital art, but not had a reply from them yet. I was wondering if anyone knows of any specialist local firms that...
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    For the attention of Mr Warnock

    I call him Timex. He’s about 5 seconds slow!
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    Some photos of our lovely coastal areas

    Some super pics there. I’ve not been to St Mary’s or Bamburgh/Dunstanburgh yet.