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    Black shoes with white soles

    I’ve got a pair of classic kickers in tan suede with chunky white sole. I bought them in lockdown and not worn them yet. I’ll be strutting them around York on Saturday. See how they fair!
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    Name a band that was BIG back in the day, but history has forgotten them?

    The amount a man ejaculates apparently???
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    Name a band that was BIG back in the day, but history has forgotten them?

    Talk Talk Alphaville Go West Shakespeare Sister Depeche Mode
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    Tell me a FACT or SECRET about yourself....

    I was Chris Rea’s paperboy!
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    Airport minibus prices?

    Looking at booking a city break in May (fingers crossed) but cheapest prices are coming through flying out of NCL but returning to LBA. Does anyone have a rough idea of minibus prices from Middlesbrough to both those airports? im just trying to weigh up if it’s going to be cheaper taking 2 cars...
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    The Wrath of Man-Guy Richie film

    Not very good at all. Typical Hollywood gun fest shoot-me up type film. Usual Jason Statham hard man character. At least he's not putting on a terrible American accent, which i cant say the same for Eddie Marsan. Some other big actors in this, Andy Garcia, Josh Hartnett. I dont know why Guy has...
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    Check out this touch of class

    Benidorms finest
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    The weekend beer and music thread!

    Has anyone ordered from Really nice selection. 24 x 330ml cans, 2 beer glasses, pack of snack, magazine for £29 with next day delivery. Highly recommend it. I will be going through some of the IPA selection this evening.
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    Virgin TV not working ?

    Most of TS7 and TS8 down.
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    Someone's pocket money has been stopped

    Probably duped by the knowledgeable careers person who just needed to fill slots. I joined as YTS because they said there was a 2 year waiting list.
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    Someone's pocket money has been stopped

    As Andy W said. No way an engine can be started , go through pilot and Groundcrew walk rounds, taxi to take off spot without any FOD or engine blank being ingested well before takeoff. I’m an aircraft engine engineer (sootie/Airframes) . Catastrophic engine failure or pilot error can be the only...
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    Aftershave advice

    TFG I’ve messaged you.
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    We are due an awful winter

    2010 was the last really bad one. I was staying over at my GF’s house and went straight to work from there. My neighbour phoned me at approx 9:00am to tell me there was water coming out of my bathroom window frame. I rushed home to find the house flooded. There was a capped off water pipe hidden...
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    US TV Commentator

    Tavs brother
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    US TV Commentator

    And James Tavernia