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    Variant of concern in South Africa

    I think fewer people following rules in the late thirties would have been a good thing.
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    Winter songs/albums recommendations?

    I always associate highway 61 and Gorky five with snow as I first bought them in the middle of winter and had them on my Walkman whilst crunching through the snow.
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    Get Back

    Disney plus was like £1:99 for a month a few days ago when I subscribed. I just unsubscribe immediately afterwards if ever I sign up to one of these streaming things. Can usually watch all I want on them in a month.
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    Time for VAR

    Why wouldn't I do it? I've just typed about five paragraphs saying why I wouldn't do it! :D Because the negatives far outweigh the gains. It's massively spoiling the experience for the majority of the crowd. That's not worth getting a couple of decisions right.
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    Chris Wilders Style - Problematic

    Personally I think Wilders jacket is fine. Much better than that nasty club shop thing. Standard first season Mourinho. If he needs to look to someone for style guidance there is one man blazing a trail. Phil Brown here is going for the full gainsbourg. The paisley cravat is probably the...
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    Time for VAR

    So what youre saying is football we had in the past wasn't sport. Should we start our records from the advent of VAR rather than the premier league? Bad decision making and chance have always impacted sport. We should try to reduce them, but not at the cost of spoiling what made the sport...
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    Time for VAR

    Every action taken in football is highly impactful. The throw in wrongly given the on the halfway line five minutes before the goal is just as impactful as someone who is offside sticking the ball in the net. Each action taken impacts the actions following. VAR just targets the most visible...
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    Cardiac arrest becoming more regular in football?

    I would have thought it more likely to be an affect of long covid than people taking the vaccine. Will be interesting to see what happens to people with heart problems in the general pop, though of course we are all a lot less healthy due to how sendentery our lives are now.
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    Time for VAR

    Mart your argument that all people who like VAR may as well watch someone rolling a dice is a load of rubbish. It really is. It's a terrible terrible argument. You must know that when typing it out. Why stop at goal decisions. Why not apply it to all decisions. Should everyone not in favour of...
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    The 1980's in pics

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    Germany to legalise cannabis.

    Was reading how in some states in America people are still purchasing illegally. It's cheaper. Imagine the duty they'd put on skunk.
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    Time for VAR

    But what you posted was an absolute load of rubbish! Why would I want to watch someone rolling a dice? It's not entertaining. I watch football because it's entertaining. Besides which your argument could equally be applied to supporters of VAR due to its application only in situations where...
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    Time for VAR

    Surveys have shown that TV fans are in favour of VAR. supporters are against it. The championship has very large attendances but it's shown on C5 or something. Long may this continue. I've already lost F1 thanks to sky and their supporters, I don't want to lose football as well.
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    Time for VAR

    What a load of horse****. I've given my reason why I don't like it. Why not engage with that.