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  1. Billy Horner

    Keir Starmer

    Launches his ‘big vision’ for a post-Covid recovery. It would appear to consist of a national savings scheme, VAT holidays for business and making the £20 addition to Universal Credit permanent. To say I’m underwhelmed would be to put it lightly. Why doesn’t he go the whole hog and promise cuts...
  2. Billy Horner

    Boro boss Roy Hodgson...

    ...has welcomed new signing Duncan Watmore, according to ITV News Tyne Tees. I mean, they were even showing a photo from their own website at the same time with the caption "Watmore with Middlesbrough boss Neil Warnock".
  3. Billy Horner

    The Lost March

    Don't think this has been posted before. Excellent analysis of the chronology of events during March and why the government can't really claim to have "followed the science" or to have "taken the right steps at the right time"...
  4. Billy Horner

    Conservative poll lead falls by nine points

    According to YouGov/The Times the lead is down from 15 points last week to just 6 today. Conservatives fall from 48% to 44% while Labour increase from 33% to 38%. Ok, I know there isn’t going to be an election for a few years yet. However, straight off the back of the PM’s personal approval...
  5. Billy Horner

    Is this Boris' ERM moment?

    In September 1992, a few months after winning the General Election, the Conservative Party was still enjoying a lead in the opinion polls. Then, John Major's government took us crashing out of the ERM (having burnt a few billion quid in the process) in an event which became known as Black...
  6. Billy Horner

    200K tests per day by the end of May

    According to Johnson at PMQs. That’s going to keep Royal Mail busy.
  7. Billy Horner

    When is 100,000 not 100,000?

    When it's a government target obviously. I think, the next time I miss any targets at work, I'll explain to my boss that it doesn't matter that I didn't meet them, because the important thing was that I had the capacity to meet them...