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  1. Fantastic News of Boro

    Angry Acklam Councillor Calls Linthorpe Councillor A Rude Dog In Bitter Dispute

    Some of the stuff going on now in council meetings doesn't bear thinking about but we thought we'd let you know about the latest shenanigans anyway. 'When we called at her home at 6am this morning to ask why she had used such inflammatory language, answering the door dressed in nothing but an...
  2. Fantastic News of Boro

    New Super Slow Pelican Crossing Set For Middlesbrough Road

    At last some good news for the residents of Brambles Farm. And about time too! Another resident said, ‘An equivalent walking speed of 1200 metres an hour may be alright for the hoiti toiti, la di da posh people in other areas of Middlesbrough, with their jobs and getting up in the morning, but...
  3. Fantastic News of Boro

    Middlesbrough Finally Eradicates Take That Virus

    We can now all look forward to a brighter future. (Enjoyment of this may be helped by some vague knowledge of Take That songs and lyrics.) 'It was estimated at the time that 98% of the population were suffering from the Take That virus. The other 2% were deaf, fortunately for them.'...
  4. Fantastic News of Boro

    New Triple Whammy Blow Could Spell the End of Middlesbrough

    Let's hope it doesn't but we have to be realistic. 'More likely, though, is people will look to settle in areas that have only had two triple whammies, like Middlesbrough had until this third one, as these areas are much closer. Places like Hartlepool, Seaton Carew, Blackhall, and Blyth.'...
  5. Fantastic News of Boro

    The Referee Part 3

    3rd and final part. Thanks for reading 'The next message he received simply said ‘5 yellow cards’. 2 weeks later Bedlington Terriers faced Easington Colliery, always a tasty clash. By the 85th minute he’d duly awarded the required number of cards, 3 to Colliery and 2 to the Terriers, and all, in...
  6. Fantastic News of Boro

    The Referee Part 2

    Part 2 of this intriguing story. 3 minute read. 'A quarter of an hour later he pulled up in the car park of the Horse and Jockey. At that point he couldn’t have told you why he was there because at that point he didn’t know. He almost started the engine but something made him stay; intrigue...
  7. Fantastic News of Boro

    Middlesbrough 5th Happiest Town/City To Live and Work

    And the 9th best for work/life balance according to Shawbrook Bank. What most of us who live here knew anyway but good to see it confirmed. Don’t think this has been posted before?
  8. Fantastic News of Boro

    The Referee

    Part 1 of 3. Anyone who likes football will like this, especially if you have interest in the Northern League. 'He genuinely didn’t know whether he loved or hated games like this. On the one hand, he loved the responsibility of big matches but, on the other, he knew that every decision was...
  9. Fantastic News of Boro

    Confessions of a Middlesbrough Juggler Part 3

    3rd and final part. Wordpress stats tell us between 106 and 111 people have read parts 1 and 2. Thank you. About half of the usual average but not bad for something a bit different. Story finishes today. 'Exactly 5 years ago today, I realised that Angelo had absolutely no clue that I’d ever been...
  10. Fantastic News of Boro

    Confessions of a Middlesbrough Juggler Part Two

    The story starts to get really interesting now. Had some rave reviews this so definitely worth a 5 minute read. 'As soon as he’d left the shop, he lit up. A headlight came out of the darkness. As it got closer, he soon recognised it was Gobber, the young lad who delivered the papers for Angelo...
  11. Fantastic News of Boro

    Confessions of a Middlesbrough Juggler Part One

    This is the first of 3 extracts from our new book, Confessions of a Middlesbrough Juggler. The other 2 to come shortly. 3 to 4 minute read and something slightly different. 'After 20 minutes of juggling his 10 new juggling balls, he fell to the ground out of sheer exhaustion, but with an...
  12. Fantastic News of Boro

    England U23 Squad Circa 1977/78

    One for the older generation. The Boro connection is obvious. Without googling, how many of the squad can you name? Hope the picture is clear enough.
  13. Fantastic News of Boro

    Man Refuses To Return Ball Accidentally Kicked Into His Front Garden

    Apparently happened sometime last week. Pathos and humour, a difficult combination. Suddenly, and without warning, the other small boy rather abruptly asks, ‘Please can we have our ball back, Mr Thompson? We’ve only got another 15 minutes before we have to go and help our dad clean all the dirt...
  14. Fantastic News of Boro

    A Rhyme About Supporting the Boro - not our usual stuff

    We were given this by a friend who found out we were posting on here and Twitter. Didn’t want us to take a picture, handwriting issues, but let us type it up and post. Circa 1978. We really like it and think it’s FNOM. On the terrace and on the street Outside the ground is where we meet The...
  15. Fantastic News of Boro

    Chossy Millstone Appointed New Manager of Middlesbrough Seagulls Rowing Club

    With deadline day, this appointment went a bit under the radar. 8 matches left. Can he keep the Seagulls up? We'll be providing 2 further updates on this, so you'll know exactly how he does. 'I come into this job with my eyes wide open, and not closed.' Chossy Millstone...
  16. Fantastic News of Boro

    Police Called as Two Men With Fiery Tempers Argue in Pizza Shop

    Pizza in the news again, and this time it's in a shop and it's serious! We don't know what can be done but if you do, please let us know.
  17. Fantastic News of Boro

    Middlesbrough Council Rejects Proposal to Like Newcastle

    Important decision made by Middlesbrough council last night that is likely to affect our futures for many years to come. At FNOM, we fully support the council's decision and hope you do too. The quality of debate was outstanding. Maybe, the best ever...
  18. Fantastic News of Boro

    Middlesbrough Town Score More Goals Than Grimsby City To Win Football Match

    After last night's disappointment, it's great to see our amateur neighbours making such a great start to the season. Full match report here including some great comments, as usual, by the town manager...
  19. Fantastic News of Boro

    Friday afternoon picture quiz

    This might be a little bit more tricky than it first seems. There were a lot of matches between Wolves and the Boro during John Craggs time at the club but we think we’ve got it right. Month and year? Score and scorer/s? Name of Wolves’ player? Name of the Boro’s number 6 and, while contracted...
  20. Fantastic News of Boro

    Middlesbrough Man Charged With Veganism

    We know that veganism has been popular in the south of the country for some time but it seems it has now reached our town. We must ask ourselves, do we really want this health, animal friendly, climate change thing here in Middlesbrough? Well, do we? It seems the police, at least, are trying to...