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  1. JonnyHistory

    The irony I mean, seriously, the front and lack of self awareness of this person is maddening.
  2. JonnyHistory

    Cannon Street Riots - Residents and or witnesses needed for interview!

    Hi Everyone, As the title says I am currently working on a oral history project cantered around the Cannon Street race riots. Ideally I am looking an individual who was a teenager or early 20s at the time and is happy to be interviewed (around a 30 minute interview can be face to face or...
  3. JonnyHistory

    What if EU drivers don't want to come work here?

    Reading a lot the last two days regarding the governments inevitable upcoming u-turn on HGV drivers and emergency visas. It smacks of desperation and there is no guarantees that people will want to come. High inflation and infection rates still, tax rises on the way and an NHS at breaking point...
  4. JonnyHistory

    Some politicians don't care if the world burns I mean, I know in the grand scheme of things these things mean little to climate change, it is half a dozen companies producing far more than every city on Earth combined have ensured the...
  5. JonnyHistory

    Do Sky offer any decent footy coverage outside the Premier League?

    Just went to the transfer deadline page on the SkySports website and clicked on Boro to see if there is any news , there is almost nothing current there at all. Is this typical? I have only really been following footy a bit more closely again...