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    Midfield 3 with Payero now fit

    it doesn't matter how he played last march, he's dropped clangers there regularly, easily turned and found himself on the wrong side of the striker. Round pegs, round holes.
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    Midfield 3 with Payero now fit

    McNair is a liability on the left at the back.
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    Golf GTD

    It peels spuds?
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    Fencing contractor?

    Any recommendations, quite a big job required, too big for one man outfits.
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    Where do you think wilder will strengthen in jan

    It depends on n how many make an exit. Who would you be lookin to to sell?
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    Variant of concern in South Africa

    No one has ever claimed masks are guaranteed to stop the spread but the more people wear them the more the risk is reduced, it is as simple as that. They're not counter productive, they're a risk reducer.
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    Where do you think wilder will strengthen in jan

    Keeper is a must.
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    Switzerland effectively have banned the U.K. from visiting

    5 countries. UK, Holland, Czech Rep, Egypt and Malawi
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    I don't think I've seen this before

    Thanks for that.
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    Spanish Property

    It's 90 days without a visa. You then have to leave for 180 days. That's your lot as far as travel goes in the Schengen area. The 90 days can be split. Brexit hasn't done any favours to those looking to travel in retirement.
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    Boris new PCR rule - typical of his regime

    All testing should be done by the NHS, it's wrong that people are profiting from this disease.
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    Matt Crooks

    He, Watmore and Jones have been our most creative players in the games I've seen. He'll be even better when his fitness improves under the new regime.
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    Spanish Property

    January to the start of April is what we're looking at.
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    Spanish Property

    I like that area too but it's warmer in the south during winter. I spent a winter month in Cabo Roig and loved the walking along the coast there. Found some nice smaller towns on the Mar Menor, closer to Murcia airport than Alicante.
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    Spanish Property

    You can get that on the Costa Blanca, some lovely quieter spots heading south from Alicante itself. We're going to go the rental route though.
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    Worldwide state debt exceeds $250 trillion

    And you'll continue to champion the system.
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    How to Cook the Perfect Steak

    I'm getting hungry reading this
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Huddersfield V Boro Matchday Thread and Programme *

    It's difficult though, the lads running the clubs down the ladder have jobs and families too. How can they find time to look after the needs of players who aren't good enough to make it as a career?
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Huddersfield V Boro Matchday Thread and Programme *

    How do we protect the welfare of young players exiting the game? Billingham Town have just signed a young fella released by the Boro. Should he be treat any differently to the other players?