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    Howson - outstanding display

    They all played well but for me Howson kept on changing the tempo of the game after making interceptions or those tight turns they were all practising pre match. Did anyone notice how the wide men and strikers were rehearsing that first goal precisely before kick, the wide players cutting the...
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    Boris new PCR rule - typical of his regime

    They have helped kept covid out of the care homes I visit weekly. Without them either the old folk would have no visitors whatsoever for the past year or they would have been really vulnerable.
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    Howson - outstanding display

    The fans might have chanted for Isiah Jones after his centre for the first goal but Howson's driving run and slide rule pass completely split the Huddersfield defence apart. Time and again he made interceptions before surging forward with the ball and having the vision and ability to make...
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    My Boro Debut On Sale at Dorman

    Good day for a museum. My Boro Debut also available to buy from this site - UK only - I need to work out postage overeseas.
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    The Game of Their Lives - Thu 25th Nov

    Good to see you Erimus
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    Middlesbrough Supporters Forum Raise Concerns Over Away Support

    We have a duty as a supporters forum to raise issues brought to us by supporters - I am sure you would agree. Some of these reports were really disturbing. We have already met with Middlesbrough FC and have been in talks with the Safety Officer. As well behaved away fans do not put yourself in...
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    Middlesbrough Supporters Forum Raise Concerns Over Away Support

    Yes, it could be hard to deal with. But our club does work with away clubs, match by match. But as far as fans taking action themselves we would not recommend this - instead report it later or if you need to speak to a steward be discreet.
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    Speculation Posts

    Please don't post them when for all you know friends and relatives could be reading - am sure we all wish Charlie Wyke a speedy recovery - I don't think it is the time or place to comment/speculate beyond this.
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    Charlie Wyke - Get well soon.

    Get well soon Charlie - full and speedy recovery.
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    The Game of Their Lives - Thu 25th Nov

    This evening - 7pm at Base Camp FREE IN Please come on down and see the award winning documentary around one of the greatest giant killing acts ever in international football and it happened right here at Ayresome Park - N Korea 1-0 Italy. Plus loads of photos from 1966 and the North Koreans...
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    Community-minded volunteers are wanted for a litter pick. Helpers are needed for a clean-up in the North Ormesby area on Thursday, December 2 from 1pm-3pm. Volunteers are asked to meet at the North Ormesby Community Hub on Derwent Street. Litter picking forms a valuable community-led part of...
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    Middlesbrough Supporters Forum Raise Concerns Over Away Support

    There are a few of the specific points of concern that can be tackled ie men in women's toilets - that has to be tackled immediately. Men dealing in (women's) toilets - we have had talks with MFC about ways to combat this at away grounds. But obviously if people report specific incidents then...
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    Middlesbrough Supporters Forum Raise Concerns Over Away Support

    A few serious concerns have been raised by Boro fans following the behaviour of other Boro fans at away games. This seems to be a post lockdown issue. A change that seems to have happened elsewhere also around the country but that is obviously no excuse. If people have concerns about behaviour...
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    Middlesbrough Supporters Forum Raise Concerns Over Away Support

    CONCERNS RAISED OVER AWAY MATCH BEHAVIOUR Middlesbrough Supporters Forum is asking travelling fans, particularly female supporters to report any concerns around anti-social behaviour at away grounds. Mark Motley, chairman of the Middlesbrough Supporters Forum, said: “The majority of fans are...
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    Football Review Calling for Major Reform

    "The review’s proposals to strengthen the voice of supporters in the game, protect football’s heritage and the pyramid, and provide genuine independent regulation, lay the basis for a prosperous and sustainable future for football at all levels.” FSA Statement on the Fan-Led Review into Football...
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    He is 22. Full of promise. Do you want to support your young players or not?
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    The Game of Their Lives - Thu 25th Nov

    Tomorrow evening at Base Camp. FREE This week messages of friendship were recorded from the Mayor of Middlesbrough to the North Korean heroes of 1966. The players were so humbled that the people of Teesside and the then mayor took them to their hearts in the World Cup and then again on their...
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    Fan-Led Football Review Results Tomorrow Night

    As I say we don't know what they are recommending yet - but there are very positive signs ahead of the Wed 11pm announcement. Timed to catch the nationals.
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    Fan-Led Football Review Results Tomorrow Night

    Tracey Crouch and their team have liaised really closely with fan groups throughout and the recommendations are expected to be really positive for EFL football fans. We won't know exactly what they are recommending until tomorrow night but looks likely to be calling for independent regulation...
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    Be Careful Where You Park For Tonight's Game

    Middlesbrough Council say enforcement action will be taken on all future matchdays against any vehicles parked illegally on approaches to the Riverside Stadium.