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  1. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Buying tickets off Twickets site

    I've got the opposite problem, I've just sold tickets through Twickets (ironically The Libertines also, but for Rock City), I have had to post them as they were physical tickets but I don't get the money until 5 - 7 days after the event. I assume Twickets will have already taken the money from...
  2. Pak_Doo_Ik

    How can professional sportsmen be “ unfit “ ?

    How can professional sportsman be unfit? Surely the answer is, ask Lee Tomlin
  3. Pak_Doo_Ik

    How to Cook the Perfect Steak

    Cmon Randy you know it’s not blood, one of my favourite QI facts The red liquid in a ‘bloody steak’ is actually a mix of water and a muscle protein called myoglobin
  4. Pak_Doo_Ik

    World Cup Play Off Draw

    Good, I hope Italy crash out for no other reason than I had them to beat Switzerland in the last international break and Jorginho missed a last minute penalty that cost me 180 quid, oh and Italy a place in the World Cup automatically
  5. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Variant of concern in South Africa

    Funnily enough I was talking to a builder yesterday at my lads training and he can’t do his cycling anymore as he is out of breath all the time. I said what about work, he just said I still have to go but the young uns carry me (it is his business to be fair). I don’t know about Long Covid, the...
  6. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Simple question

    Again a greatest band thread and nobody is brave enough to say the correct answer; which is of course Oasis 🤭 in all seriousness imo it is The Beatles, now whether you like them or not is different argument but I think they are the best band ever and without them music would be in a very...
  7. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Recording on the red button

    I think you do it through the sky sports app not Sky Go
  8. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Black Friday suggestions

    When I worked in Safeway back in the day we used to be one of the stores that had to sell the ‘When it’s gone, it gone’ stuff at full price (as per the has been on sale at higher for 28 days). It’s all just a con but no doubt I’ll have a few too many on Friday and wake up on Saturday with...
  9. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Shearer on Juninho

    World Cup winner Ricardinho you mean
  10. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Shearer on Juninho

    I’ll see your Aguero and Suarez and raise you a Rocky and a Doriva. We could have had the top 3 if it wasn’t for shearers hatred of us
  11. Pak_Doo_Ik

    New 'Neon Range' at MFC Shop

    Or if things start going wrong, the ‘We can see you sneaking out’ range.
  12. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Shearer on Juninho

    CtC, cmon you know football before the PL didn't exisit, otherwise Mirandinha would have got in there ;)
  13. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Shearer on Juninho

    Shearer's comment was tongue very firmly in cheek about Middlesbrough. I know banter is a dirty word nowadays but not everything people say is literal, he also wound Richards up about not going to Sunderland as they couldn't afford his million pound bonus (listen to previous episode). As I...
  14. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Uncensored Walmart Pics

    I’ve got uncensored Aldi ads pics, I now have an urge to buy some shaving equipment 😱
  15. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Awful ref

    Check out the Swansea fans and their comments after todays game, ironic given our game there last season. Trouble is refs in the championship are very poor.
  16. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Charts Wise the 70s were better than the 80s by a Long Way

    To be fair I think the 1880s were better than most of the 1980s
  17. Pak_Doo_Ik

    I would rather watch Juninho

    Good old Micah Richard’s, when discussing Gus Poyet he says he didn’t interest him as a player and he would rather see Juninho Match of the Day Top 10: Micah Richards on why he finds it hard to rate Gus Poyet
  18. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Championship start in July and halts after 12 November

    Should just play as normal and clubs get their players back as the tournament progresses. Could be a bit of a leveller as the bigger clubs would be disadvantaged and is only similar to what happens during the African Nations Cup
  19. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Who has been the best / most influential band of the last 30 years?

    Nirvana influenced bands in the same way Stock, Aitken and Waterman did.