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  1. Cardiffdaffs

    Nice Gesture from Redcar Athletic FC

    Warming - in more ways than one.
  2. Cardiffdaffs

    Gareth Southgate - Signal to MUFC

    Don't bother
  3. Cardiffdaffs

    Solksjaer Has Gone

    News emerging from Board Meet now.
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    World Cup Row - Ghana v South Africa

    Anybody following this growing dispute Ghana snd SA after their controversial qualifier in which Ghana won with a disputed penalty. Story here on SA's demand for a replay.
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    Sophie Ellis Bextor - Children in Need Challenge

    Family have been dipping into SEB’s Children in Need Danceathon on the red button. Some effort. She has been dancing for 9 hours almost already. Must admit she is still looking good still.
  6. Cardiffdaffs

    Charts Wise the 70s were better than the 80s by a Long Way

    Prompted me thinking how bad the charts was in the 80s compared to the 70s. Listening to Gambaccinni’s pick of the pops at the weekend and he played the top 20s for November 1975 and then November 1989. Just comparing them you see the difference. 70s had classics that have endured time, the 80s...
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    Quite a Result in Todays FA Cup

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    Italy into Playoffs?

    Level still with Switzerland after tonight's 1-1 draw. Italy away to NI, Swiss at home to Bulgaria. Italy better GD of just 2. Very tense.
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    Pakistan for the T20 World Cup?

    Already good wins against India and New Zealand. This evening were struggling to get across the line against Afghanistan. Needed 24 off the last two overs. 2 new batsmen at the crease. They only needed 1 over. Asif Ali smote 4 6’s in 6 balls to win their third match and all but qualified for...
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    Woman who stabbed her 78 Year Old Husband.

    Quite a shocking video this of Penelope Jackson in the immediate aftermath of the incident - who has just been found guilty of murder
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    How About This for a Tackle

  12. Cardiffdaffs

    Cricket PA Announcers

    Watching the India v Pakistan game. I would like to shoot the PA announcers. Shut up!!!!!!
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    Your Favourite Post Game Fan Rants

    This is my all time favourite. When Boro came from 2-0 down at the New Den a couple of seasons ago to grab two late goals. The ref was Kevin Friend.
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    Scotland Win It at the Death

    Deserved the 3-2 win - good game to watch.
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    Brazil, India Off the Red List

    Only 7 countries remain - Panama, Haiti, Peru, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia
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    Daily Mail is Now Triggered By……

    Parents in Middlesbrough not bothering to dress for school runs.😀
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    When Matters Weren’t Going Well at Leeds under Neil Warnock

    Interesting blog from a Leeds fan re the Warnock era at Leeds. Some familiar facets contained here. On The Guardian’s Football Weekly podcast this week, it was stated that Neil Warnock is the kind of manager you love at your club, a fantastic Championship manager. Incredulity is the natural...
  18. Cardiffdaffs

    Ryder Cup - Home Crowd

    T0ssers. Watching on mute. The chants of "in the hole" "U-S-A and general booing of the Europeans is grinding my gears already.
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    Carabao Cup

    Sunderland progress to the 4th round. Brentford make 11 changes and still win 7-0.
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    Who Saw The Chase This Evening?

    Poor Pete the old chap struggled in tonight’s episode and nearly walked away with £20,000 (1 sec away). Sadly he passed away in a house fire a few weeks ago apparently. Wymondham house fire: Family pays tribute to Peter Green