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  1. TeaCider

    Jokanovic set for the sack at Sheffield United

    Thought he'd do much better than he has there. Plenty of us wanted him here too.
  2. TeaCider

    IFAB to discuss extending half time to 25 minutes for Superbowl style shows. I'll not be happy if this goes ahead. People struggle enough getting back from matches at night without adding an additional 10 minutes...
  3. TeaCider

    Reading 6 point deduction

    With a further 6 suspended. Thins the chasing pack a bit.
  4. TeaCider

    Yorkshire banned from hosting international and major cricket matches

    Banned until they sort the issues surrounding Azeem Rafiq's racism claims. "In the meantime, YCCC are suspended from hosting international or major matches until it has clearly demonstrated that it can meet the standards expected of an international venue, ECB member and First Class County." A...
  5. TeaCider

    Ben Stokes is back for the Ashes

    Great news!
  6. TeaCider

    Reading to be deducted up to 9 points.

    There's another one, not surprising given they were already under sanction, is that all the clubs who sold their stadiums to themselves being punished now or have I forgotten one?
  7. TeaCider

    Derby County - 9 point deduction (with a further 3 suspended)

    Great news if that's true, though I can hope that's enough to relegate the cheats.
  8. TeaCider

    Onel Hernandez

    A loan I'd be very happy with. He's always looked good when I watched Norwich.
  9. TeaCider

    Patrick Bamford called up for England.

    In the England squad (deservedly), the usual suspects best get their tissues ready. Michail Antonio robbed though.
  10. TeaCider

    York City friendly, no away fans allowed. Seems very daft, especially when it's on the 27th of July and most restrictions are expected to be lifted by then. Wouldn't be surprised if it's just York Council not wanting the chew of away fans and using it as an excuse.
  11. TeaCider

    England are through to the round of 16.

    With Austria, Denmark and Belgium winning, England are through to the round of 16 before the match tomorrow as they mathematically cannot finish as one of the worst two 3rd placed teams. It's all about whether we'll finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd now. We should go all out for the win tomorrow.
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  13. TeaCider

    Middlesbrough retained list.

    Johnson, Mendez-Laing and Archer all gone.
  14. TeaCider

    Bayern Munich, Lille and Inter Milan's managers all gone.

    Simeone and Guardiola next? Obviously it's just a coincidence that they've all left at around the same time, but it's a rare sight for 3 title winning managers to leave at once.
  15. TeaCider

    Middlesbrough retro 1996/97 shirts on sale on club site

    For those interested in that sort of thing.
  16. TeaCider

    Redcar Town, Redcar Athletic and Stockton Town promoted.

    Interesting, good for them.
  17. TeaCider

    Roy Hodgson stepping down

    Saved them from relegation and established them as a comfortably mid-table side. I'd say he did a good job in his 4 years there. I'm fairly sure that leaves Neil Warnock as the oldest manager in the English professional game.
  18. TeaCider

    York pre-season friendly - Tues 27th July

    A new ground for the completionists.
  19. TeaCider

    Some Middlesbrough stats from this season

    Found these on Twitter. I'm actually surprised that we've scored the fourth most set pieces goals in the league this season, it felt like we struggled for so long with scoring from them that it never really sank in that we were starting to do it consistently again.