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  1. BoroMart

    The Beatles: Get Back

    Anyone else binged on this? Great to see such a candid documentary, watching the creative processes at work. Ringo man of few words, George wanting to be taken seriously, Lennon's inferiority complex hidden behind the joker image, and McCartney trying to be the project manager and herd the...
  2. BoroMart

    Reading 6 points deduction

    EFL are starting to actually grow a pair......stoke city next??
  3. BoroMart

    Southgate - Englands best manager?

    Now I've seen a lot of anti-southgate nonsense in the last year, despite this being at worst our second best calendar year. - Qualified for world cup with best attack and best defence - lost a UERO final only on penalties - Won 14, drew 5 Lost 0 (excluding penalty results which just isn't...
  4. BoroMart

    Which U21 were we scouting

    So Wilder and Scott were at last nights U21 match. Who were they scouting? My guess is Cole Palmer or Luke Thomas
  5. BoroMart

    Nuno Espirito Santo

    Should we go for him as our new manager? Warnocks gone in 6 months anyway and hardly pulled up any trees. Case for: - Nuno had almost a 50% win rate Wolves, and in fact throughout his managerial career, even his spurs failure had a 47% win rate. - Has good contacts in europe - plays a good...
  6. BoroMart

    U17s vs Leeds

    comedy gold this game, no exaggeration to say we could have had 15
  7. BoroMart

    Which member of our current squad...

    has the most career Boro goals, all competitions and how many goals? NO GOOGLING.
  8. BoroMart


    Scumbags protesting outside my kids school today as they went in, pushing flyers into impressionable kids hands, what the hell is wrong with these people :mad:
  9. BoroMart

    Derby to finally get their comeuppance?

    possible 9 point penalty with another -3 suspended, and I'd guess a continuation of the transfer sanctions against them because they would get an inmmediate -3 and further penalties unless they start to get their finances back in order.
  10. BoroMart

    Squad compared to second half of last season

    So listed below I've got the players that left and who replaced them, but is it better? Poll is above Lumley for Betenelli Daniels for Archer Siliki for Morsy Crooks for Saville Jones for Johnson Hernandez for Bolasie Ameobi for Kebano Olusanya for Spence Sporar for Assombalonga Ikpeazu for...
  11. BoroMart

    Kyle Hudlin

    We are definitely doing our best to unearth rough diamonds. On the back of the promising first league start for former Tooting & Mitcham player Isiah Jones and signing that non-league winger, we are now looking at this kid from Solihull Motors (national League). 21 year old, so he was 20 last...
  12. BoroMart

    Team vs Blackpool

    NW has stated that we need to give the kids a go. My guess is Wood and Coburn are nailed on starters, as is Spence. We only have Bola at LB so Robinson will probably come in. Jones deserves a chance too and Malley has been around the first team for about 18 months now. Then we have Payero and...
  13. BoroMart

    Changes for Cup match

    Need to manage our players into the season, without straining the bodies too much, and quite a few players have had knocks in pre-season. So who needs a rest, who needs wrapping in cotton wool and who needs game time vs Blackpool? Rest/Cotton Wool: Bola (he'd love to play vs Blackpool, but...
  14. BoroMart

    Derby meltdown?

    Ravel Morison has posted this on Insta, then unfollowed Derby and deleted the post, sounds like everything is kicking off with our friendly neighbourhood rams
  15. BoroMart


    Just interviewed from his boat in the Red Sea on Sky Sports News, he said "I was a very difficult boy, after managing me, you can manage anyone, after me then those England boys are a piece of cake.". At least he has some self awareness as he gets older :ROFLMAO:
  16. BoroMart

    Rodrigo Muniz

    Twittersphere saying we are interested in the 20 year old brazilian striker from Flamengo. 1mill euro loan with an option to buy. Atletico Madrid were in negotiations but decided not to follow through with signing
  17. BoroMart

    3 clubs under transfer embargo

    Derby, Hull and Reading can't sign players except free transfers and loans but only if they have less than 23 professional players. So that knackers Hull. Reading and Derby have very small squads after releasing players so can sign players but I guess will need Football League sign off on them.
  18. BoroMart

    Ameobi Stats

    From a guy on twitter, @loupirolo worth a follow, he provided the stats on the argentinian and on Ikpeazu that I posted. Ameobi is probably less of a surprise, we know his strengths already. Strengths: - Aerial duels he is off the charts - Effective at duels in both boxes (offensive and...
  19. BoroMart

    Valérien Ismaël

    Has left Barnsley to join West Brom!!! Is he nuts? He had a great thing going on there, and then he goes to a basket case of a club like West Brom, where the players aren't aligned to his style of football. Bad for both clubs in my books.
  20. BoroMart

    Fury Wilder III

    Anyone see the press conference yesterday? Wilder refused to be involved turned up in shades with headphones on, refused to take them off except for a 4 line monologue about how he would decapitate Fury, then sat down and played with his phone and listened to his tunes. I think Wilder is...