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  1. Colin Warnek

    So Compulsory Vaccinations are Happening Then….. In Austria at least. From February. No exceptions announced. Edit: I didn't realise Indonesia, Turkmenistan, New Caledonia and Micronesia already had.
  2. Colin Warnek

    Haris Faroun

    Remember how many time the commentators and write ups called him that. And Luke Steele when we had Jason.
  3. Colin Warnek

    Isaiah Jones

    What are the words to his song?
  4. Colin Warnek

    Chris Wilder Podcasts/Interviews

    There's an absolute boatload of them on Youtube and I will be happily bingeing them over the international break to get to know him and his tactics. Thought I'd start a thread for anyone doing the same.
  5. Colin Warnek

    Celtic fans Yet again. They are thick as castle wall some of them.
  6. Colin Warnek

    The Black Horse

    Are Boro fans in there?
  7. Colin Warnek


    And to think how many people are still duped by this chancer :ROFLMAO:
  8. Colin Warnek

    Stewy D on Undr The Cosh

    Part 1 let’s go 🍿
  9. Colin Warnek

    Pally - 'I'm a prime candidate for Dementia'

    Gary Pallister: 'I'm a prime candidate for dementia, it felt like I had a head full of seashells' Former England and Man Utd centre-back reveals how ill heading made him and calls for it to be removed from children's game ByJeremy Wilson, CHIEF SPORTS REPORTER9 October 2021 • 6:30pm It was...
  10. Colin Warnek

    Have we now found the spine of this team?

    Lumley Fry & Bamba/Hall Paddy & Jonny Crooks Sporar/Uche Interchange wide players around them.
  11. Colin Warnek

    When did you lose the plot today

    That was truly dreadful. For me when Olusanya came on and spooned his cross over the other side of play. I think he had about 10 touches and 7 or 8 were fouls. Not his fault mind you, should we really be signing players from Billericay to replace the likes of Marvin Johnson? Long hard season ahead.
  12. Colin Warnek


    Politics has become simplified and reactionary in tandem with social media's effects on society. This photo alone looks set to bring him down.
  13. Colin Warnek

    Replacing a defender with a winger

    Wasn't the best of ploys. Wood Spence Coulson out on loan. Now I'm not saying any of them are world beaters and I'll be happy if they are getting minutes. But all are squad players and in a 46 game season you need a squad.
  14. Colin Warnek


    Howy then what are the board's favourite Radiohead tunes.
  15. Colin Warnek

    Abdallah Sima

    To Brighton via Stoke on loan this season. 20 yrs old and scored plenty in the Europa last season. Will be interesting to see how he does in the Championship, Stoke are going for it this year.
  16. Colin Warnek

    More Health Benefits of Supply Chain Issues

    Less drugs! ...but according to the BBC, this is a terrible thing - and will lead to overdoses. I personally couldn't disagree more. The very fact that a shortage of HGV drivers leads to a shortage of drug-taking shows how much of a blind eye this country turns to the problem. Not once do they...
  17. Colin Warnek

    Jimmy Floyd

    Sent the Mackems home for a Burton.
  18. Colin Warnek

    Ken Loach expelled from the Labour Party

    ... I thought the socialists were supposed to be the intolerant ones.
  19. Colin Warnek

    22 Golds

    That is some achievement. Looks like we'll pip the ROC to 4th place.
  20. Colin Warnek

    Railway Stations that are two Boro players

    Emerson Park. @Capybara