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  1. Pak_Doo_Ik

    I would rather watch Juninho

    Good old Micah Richard’s, when discussing Gus Poyet he says he didn’t interest him as a player and he would rather see Juninho Match of the Day Top 10: Micah Richards on why he finds it hard to rate Gus Poyet
  2. Pak_Doo_Ik


    Nothing to do with score but a great shot of a couple of Boro fans 😀
  3. Pak_Doo_Ik

    FA Cup

    Back on both ITV and BBC, could the magic of the cup be making a comeback???
  4. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Ted Lasso

    Apologies if I am late to the party but only got Apple TV last week and binge watched both series over the weekend. What a fantastic programme, please believe the hype and give it go if you can. It made me laugh, cry and every emotion in between and the soundtrack to the episodes is also excellent.
  5. Pak_Doo_Ik

    London Baby!!!

    Long story short we were meant be going to Kos on Friday but unfortunately my lad has tested positive for the you know what. He comes out of isolation on Saturday and has always wanted to go and see the bright lights of our wonderful capital. He is 12 and footy mad (wife not so much), we are...
  6. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Stockton on Saturday

    Up in Stockton on Saturday for Little Man Tate at KU, any recommendations for a nice pub for a few afternoon/early evening drinks and a bite to eat??? Bearing in mind the last time I was out in Stockton it was a mad Monday at The Mall for as much Hofmeister as you could drink for a fiver I...
  7. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Cmon Sheriff

    The Moldovan champions currently 2 1 at Real Madrid 😁
  8. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Should I stop being an optimist

    Recently I seem to spend my life disappointed because I am an glass half full person. I understand that sometimes things are 5hit but nowadays it just seems that people whobare pessimistic always seem to be right.
  9. Pak_Doo_Ik

    First concert tonight since Covid.....

    And I'm sure @Erimus74 will approve Billy Ocean at the Royal Concert Hall Nottingham. Not normally my cup of team but the Mrs loves him and the seats are on the end of a row so I can keep nipping to the bar😁
  10. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Signs I am getting old

    Get to wear my comfy trainers tomorrow night cos my back won't cope with the walk from the tram to the ground in my Vans, I need a bit of padding😬
  11. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Forest Away

    Pak and his lad all booked up. He still claims to support Manu, so hopefully a good turnout in the away end, a good performance on the pitch and a decent pie and you never know he could be swayed!!!
  12. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Burnley today for the traditionalists

    Have a look at the Burnley numbers for the game today.
  13. Pak_Doo_Ik

    French win Modern Pentathlon

    But is Kate French, another gold for Team GB
  14. Pak_Doo_Ik

    WW2 bomb discovered in Goole

    Having spent nearly 30 years living in Selby I bet I wasn't the only one thinking sacrifice Goole and save the bomb!!! BBC News - Goole WW2 bomb: Army experts carry out controlled explosion
  15. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Cricket and F1

    Both currently on free to air TV, just a pity the golf isn't as it would be a good old fashioned Sunday afternoon.
  16. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Is it to early for an England Playlist???

    Just heard this on the Quickly Kevin podcast
  17. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Batley Frontier Club

    On the BBC this morning, that brings back some memories, saw all the greats there from Showaddywaddy to the Four Tops and of course Chubby Brown. Annual pub trip, with oldies excited about the music and the scampi in a basket, with us young uns looking foward to spending some time getting to...
  18. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Could The Boss make an appearance at The Riverside next year???

    It would really make The Killers gig worth waiting for :cool:
  19. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Delta Variant

    60% more transmissible and vaccines less effective against it (but still up to 84.4% effective with 2 doses) Did we ever get the trade deal with India which is believed to have been the reason why they weren't put on the red list???
  20. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Could India bring down Boris

    If the cases were to rise and restrictions reintroduced would that be the end for Boris. He has rode on the crest of a wave in popularity due to the vaccinations and people's belief he is a bumbling fool that always tries to do the right thing but is just badly advised most of the time. But if...