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    The Jordan Sinnott Foundation Trust

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    Jack Clarke
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    Kasper Junker

    New twist in the Junker affair. There is a rumor that six English clubs and Celtic are said to be ready to sign him this winter. In these clubs, we would talk about West Bromwich Albion, Crystal Palace, Swansea City, Middlesbrough and Bristol City
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    Happy birthday
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    Steve Agnew

    Left Newcastle
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    Boro goals

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    Chris Basham
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    Lee Tucker
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    John Souttar
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    Dael Fry
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    Tom Flanagan

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    Matt Prestridge

    First-team coach and Head of Sport Science Matt Prestridge Joins staff
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    Kei Kamara

    Scored the goal to qualify for acon Still playing in Finland at 37
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    Dean Smith

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    Daniel Farke

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    Neil Warnock

    On the radio with Sol
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    17 years ago today

    Bolo Zenden
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    Markus Schopp

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    Andy Peake

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