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  1. robson7

    Five a side players needed

    I've tried this before with varied success. I run a regular five a side game on Tuesday at 7pm at soccer sensations. We seem to be struggling for ten sometimes lately. Mixed age from 20ish to 50plus. If anybody fancies a game please let me know.
  2. robson7

    Warnock out brigade - Sense of entitlement?

    Just putting a question out there and I'll put my tin hat on and take the pelters if necessary. Do the fans who are saying Warnock should be sacked now potentially have a similar mentality to the twerps who are probably currently in queues, with jerry cans at the ready?? Why does the thirst...
  3. robson7

    Places in Whitby to watch the fight on Saturday

    Me and a mate are in Whitby on Saturday looking for somewhere to take in the fight, preferably not too rowdy with wannabe AJ's. Decent beer and screens. I was thinking maybe the rowing club or even the rugby club or something but not sure on admission etc. Any pointers appreciated.
  4. robson7

    Options/Formations for NW to kickstart the season

    I've been pondering over what I would do to make the best of what we have. I truly believe that Warnock fully intended to deploy a 4 rather than a 3/5 at the back this season. The fact that we have not 1 natural wing back left in the squad backs this theory up. However in the AM/winger/no 10...
  5. robson7

    Mark Allen vs Reanne Evans

    Not a snooker fan but but caught a glimpse of this and found it intriguing.
  6. robson7

    Starting X1 on Sunday

    Not really many options for NW. Keeper and back three obvious. Love Dijksteel but maybe not at RWB. As for LWB???? - Spence? Coulson? Tav? Bola? Howson and Morsy will bring solidity. Whatmore and Crooks behind Uche. (subject to Tav being injured) Bamba, Coburn, Peltier on bench