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  1. Cosmonaut

    Tories back in poll lead, didn't take long ...

    ... most oppositions in mid-term are usually way ahead. Just seen a few polls tweeted by a Labour Member of the House of Lords. Seems the public has moved on from the latest scandal within Boris Johnson's administration rather quickly, which I fully expected would happen Many people believed...
  2. Cosmonaut

    Stewy on punditry

    Can't help but mention this and feel a **** saying it but he has this 'like yer say ...' tic when speaking. So half the time it makes most of what he has come out with not make sense, I felt like that's the only phrase I have heard on the panel tonight. He'll have to get rid of that if he's...
  3. Cosmonaut

    Marcus Browne

    Does anyone know how close he is to a return?? Just seen him in a training video, wondering if he is taking part in full training now and close to selection. Have a feeling he could be of great use to us this year if he gets fit in time.
  4. Cosmonaut

    Well done Boro

    I know the opposition was dreadful, looks like Hughton will be out of a job by end of tonight ... sounds like hell on at the City Ground Glad Sprorar is off the mark and Hernandez is a hell of a signing by looks ... a wins a win, we needed it .. let's try get on a run and take it into the next...
  5. Cosmonaut

    Any guitarists on here?? Just got myself a Uke ... :D

    .. :ROFLMAO: ... I've been meaning to get one for some time so I did. I'd been listening to Eddie Vedder's 'Ukulele Songs' lately and I thought sod it, I'd give it a go myself. Had always wanted a proper one. Bought one for a girlfriend years ago but have myself one now. I've played guitar...
  6. Cosmonaut

    Anyone else in 30s struggled to book Covid jab?

    I had my invitation ages ago, tried numerous times a day to book it since, and have never have once been offered the appointment where everyone else in my age range has had theirs within a mile of my home. At best, the closest place I get offered most is Newcastle area, 60 odd mile round trip...
  7. Cosmonaut

    FFS Turkey

    W@nkers. I said earlier today Italy will be good tonight, 3 nil. Odds suggested it was a silly prediction. Only came in didn't it, because I didn't back it. :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: 😭😭😭
  8. Cosmonaut

    Nice one Paddy!

    Was that an Akpom assist too?? I was groaning as he came on ... ha ha ha
  9. Cosmonaut

    Are we gonna win tonight??

    I really hope so. Never slept a wink last night and could do with a win to brighten the day, haway Boro.
  10. Cosmonaut

    Neil's presser today

    Made me feel doom and gloom :( ... the unhappiest I've seen him after Blackburn game. We were robbed really .. I know refs hate NW haha but we've had fair few poor ref performances cost us this season. At the same time, I feel the game was a reality check ... it's been nice to see us doing so...
  11. Cosmonaut

    Over the moon with that result

    ... especially with conditions ahead etc, making it look a doubtful game to go ahead. Thought as a result it would be so much tougher, but we made a team in form look 2nd best all throughout there. Great performance. Howson is a gem for us. I wasn't expecting the three points tonight, I hope we...
  12. Cosmonaut

    Covid/Season remaining

    I know there's already been a thread posted on this or two, but it's quite depressing to think of the possibility of football being postponed completely for God knows how long, until infection rates lower again. Just as we're having such a good season, it'd be so disappointing to have it...
  13. Cosmonaut

    What are 'Trophies' in the notifications??

    Ha ha ha Just read something about one when I clicked on a notification .. What have I won?? Is big Colin gonna knock on me door tomorrow and surprise me?? :D