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  1. GazC_MFC

    Tory MP defects to Labour

    someone wants to save their job
  2. GazC_MFC

    Labour 10 points ahead of Tories...

    Nah, I was referring to brexit cult.
  3. GazC_MFC

    Labour 10 points ahead of Tories...

    Not really, people are thick and have been entrenched by brexit. It was always going to take a scandal to bring them down
  4. GazC_MFC

    Beth Rigby v Boris Johnson

    ‘When I left the shop with 2 bottles of gin m, no one told me that I had to pay for them’
  5. GazC_MFC

    'Boris Johnson lied to Parliament' - Cummings

    No.10 is just in full fake news when revelations come out.
  6. GazC_MFC

    Writing to your local MP about the Downing St parties?

    Yes the more they get the more they will be sick of it. Asked mine to write a letter to 1922 committee got a stock response so went on a massive tirade about how the way no 10 spokespeople dismissals and excuses from no 10 were insulting the intelligence of the public ‘3 more revelations...
  7. GazC_MFC

    5th Ashes Test Hobart

    There’s a massive problem with England culture. Especially since 2010. The ashes is seen as the pinnacle and we talk about getting ourselves ready for it in between each one, and we turn up and get spanked every time who is coaching these players how to bat
  8. GazC_MFC

    Tony Pulis

    Sure does have an eye for a winger doesn’t he 🤣🤣
  9. GazC_MFC

    Novax Djokovic - Visa Cancelled (Again)

    Appeal unsuccessful
  10. GazC_MFC

    League position

    There would have been no guarantee of wilder so I think the managerial timing has proved to be correct. again if we pulled the trigger earlier we can’t know if we got wilder.
  11. GazC_MFC

    There’s something special happening here

    We have an overachiever in wilder. I think he is probably our first overachiever we’ve had at the club since I’ve been going in 91
  12. GazC_MFC

    Is boris the most hated man in Britain?

    Can’t see how he doesn’t get booed in public. Since pmq’s it’s been relentless on the leaks. What a pleb
  13. GazC_MFC

    Hospitality Fights Back

    The information was used to clean up wine spillages every Friday
  14. GazC_MFC

    Bristol City, Middlesbrough and Stoke City could follow Reading FC in receiving point deductions [Berkslive]

    No smoke without fire. Sure derby fans were saying the same when it was first mentioned seems to hinge on this years accounts
  15. GazC_MFC

    Novax Djokovic - Visa Cancelled (Again)

    The worse of it will be seeing farage’s mental gymnastics again
  16. GazC_MFC

    Novax Djokovic - Visa Cancelled (Again)

    Don’t think there is a loophole the immigration minister has the last say
  17. GazC_MFC

    Man Utd v Boro - Friday Night

    Heard it’s 9k half to season ticket holders then general sale
  18. GazC_MFC

    Boro v Derby: some bizarre ideas from the Derby fans forum.....

    Nearly as obsessed as boro fans were with Burnley
  19. GazC_MFC

    Peer reviewed material on masks

    I’ll have a read later. I asked some bloke on Twitter to provide so peer review material that masks don’t work, he asked me to provide that they do. I provided your links haven’t heard from him since
  20. GazC_MFC

    F1 : Hypothetical Life After Lewis