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  1. Maccarone

    Very Quiet on Transfer Front

    Are we trying to offload players before we can get the couple more Wilder is after? Uche, Browne,Hall, Siliki out first?
  2. Maccarone

    Next through the Door has to be

    A new Keeper, we need someone better and more composed than Lumley
  3. Maccarone


    Surely a new keeper has to be a priority, he makes me nervous anytime the ball is near him, defence must feel the same?
  4. Maccarone

    Lad that joined with Jones

    Can't remember his name but scored fir us? What's happened to him? Is he even still with us? He was raw but then so was Isiah and look at him now Like when we look at lower League's, most of this lads are hungry and will grasp the opportunity, not all are good enough but if you can get an...
  5. Maccarone

    In the Top Six

    Can you believe it, after so many poor performances we are actually in the play offs top six. INCREDIBLE C'MON BORO
  6. Maccarone

    Have I missed something?

    Where's Block21?
  7. Maccarone

    Where's Block21?

    Where are you Block? Always enjoy your posts, hope all is OK with you?
  8. Maccarone

    Relegated Teams

    Norwich and Watford certain to go up automatically, if Bournemouth go up via the play offs that would be all three relegated teams going up at the first time of asking. Has that ever happened before?
  9. Maccarone

    Kindle Books

    Just bought a Paperwhite Kindle, anyone got some good reading ideas please? Like murder mystery , history or biographies, free books if possible . Any ideas please?
  10. Maccarone

    Key Games Tonight

    Bristol v Bournemouth QPR v Barnsley Two home wins would be very nice
  11. Maccarone

    Last Chance Saloon

    Verses Coventry tonight,anything other than 3 points and we kiss goodbye to any top six aspirations. Realistically do you agree?
  12. Maccarone

    Big Game Tonight

    Crucial game for us, need a big performance, right tactics, right team selection, right attitude. Looks like a windy day,may spoil the game to a degree? C'mon Boro let's get back in the top six mix once and for all.
  13. Maccarone

    Must Win Games

    Starting tomorrow and on Tuesday, get six points before Reading game and then not loose that game. If we don't it will be mid table I'm afraid. Agree?
  14. Maccarone

    Can we stop the Bees?

    Twenty unbeaten is hopefully one game to many, can we beat them?
  15. Maccarone

    Top Six after Transfer Window,Yes or No

    If we hit the ground running, string some results together anything is possible. We need consistency though to claw the gaps back. Watford result was a welcome bonus and shows just how unpredictable this League is.
  16. Maccarone

    Transfer Deadline Day Thread

    Let's dedicate this thread to cover all the news and rumours from today
  17. Maccarone

    C'mon Boro

    Felt incredibly deflated after Sunday but this is yet another opportunity to bounce back. Let's have a performance from those on the pitch tonight and let's get those points on the board. Sunday was miserable for a whole variety of reasons, tonight, let's be positive from the beginning and let's...
  18. Maccarone

    Stoke v Watford tonight,best result?

    A draw,keeps Stoke below us and pegs Watford back a little.
  19. Maccarone

    Ravel Morrison

    What's this lad got? Derby and Forest eying him this window. He's failed hopelessly everywhere he's gone,earned a fortune for doing nothing on the pitch and yet club's keep coming back in for him. It must be all the fancy tricks he does in training . I don't get it.
  20. Maccarone

    Championship Half Way, Predict

    End of Season Top 8 For me Norwich Bournemouth Brentford Swansea Watford Stoke Reading Boro This is head ruling heart, unless we strengthen I just can't see us lasting the pace I'm afraid to say