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  1. FatCat

    Stop what you are doing

    And watch “The Puppet Master” on Netflix!!
  2. FatCat

    Skier charged with manslaughter

    what do you make of this story? Seems a bit harsh - he already has this on his conscience. What are the rules of the slopes ? Are there speed limits - if you are out of control is it really your fault? I would have thought he is suffering enough...
  3. FatCat

    Channel Migrants

    Over to the navy !!
  4. FatCat

    Bizarre Refereeing

    Kicks him then send him off!
  5. FatCat

    If wondereall was made in the 80s very clever
  6. FatCat

    After Life - Series 3

    Anybody watched - can’t seem to get it to load on my sky box :-(
  7. FatCat

    Betting Again

    It’s really annoying - I just saw taht ad with Roy Keane , Jeff Stelling etc peddling Paddy Power. I had a quick look and Roy Keane is allegedly worth 44 million - does he really need additional money whilst contributing to others misery?
  8. FatCat

    Margaret Ferrier MP

    To stand trial - pleading not guilty.
  9. FatCat

    Four Lives

    Great mini series on BBc with Stephen Merchant playing the bad guy and Sheridan Smith playing the role of one of the mothers. Catastrophic policing work !!
  10. FatCat

    Edward Colston

    Accused cleared of criminal damage - I’m a bit surprised about this verdict as regardless of the rights and wrongs of their cause you can’t just take the law into your own hands. strange verdict for me...
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    I caught up on the first episode earlier - heartbreaking stuff about one mothers fight against the injustice of the hillsbrough disaster.
  12. FatCat

    January Press Up Challenge

    If you are looking for some motivational goals this January, There’s a great little group on Facebook where the challenge is to do 2022 press ups in January. Three days in so you’d be playing catch up but I think it’s about 68 per day. everyone is very supportive and posting videos of their...
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    Might have a bit of a session - any reccomendations? last night I watched a good film “7 prisoners” based in São Paulo - if you watch I would reccomendations you put the subtitles on. not to be confused with “Prisoners” which is also a cracking film!
  14. FatCat

    Craft Beers

    Is there anywhere local that sells - I’m looking for a keg or an assortment of beers as a present for my uncle - any ideas?
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    Interesting programme
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    If you get chance watch the two lads Borland vs brooks - what a game! England bs Scotland - what a game!
  18. FatCat

    Nephew Tommy

    Anyone state side listen to this- for some reason it popped up on my Facebook feed. Radio station prank calls - I’m sure they are scripted and using actors but has been my guilty pleasure this last week. Some very funny scenarios!!
  19. FatCat

    Who gets your vote? I would have to go for Tyson Fury (if he doesn’t again remove himself from the list), in terms of achievement and story I would give it to him. If not then I would go for Radacanu with one of the stories of the year.
  20. FatCat

    Grand Prix

    Not disappointing so far! lewis’s speed looks good at the minute!