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    Missing on Monday. Playing for Chile in World Cup qualifiers
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    New line of duty investigation just dropped

    Saying it like it is!
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    Man Utd Pricing in Telegraph Prices for Man U supporters start ar £32 Thieving bar stewards!
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    Beth Rigby Sky ; torn Boris a New one

    The coward is a Dead man walking. He couldn't look her in the eye and looked like he was about to burst into tears. It was almost like the Geoffrey Howe moment about the batsman going out to bat with no bat.
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    Not many people could do that Except JFH Rochemback Grant
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    Boris take note

    Money talks
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    Payero - under 23's Highlights . Kavanagh hattrick (2 pens)
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    None of the above. Don't take away our identity!
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    Crooksy's winning goal sends the crowd wild wild wild

    You idiot Caesium what are you publishing this for! Djed is an established superstar worth zillions £££££s Isiah is an untried youngster who is not worth a punt for at least another 5 years ;)
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    Tav was excellent yesterday his energy and drive all over the pitch was first class. He definitely had a I've got to produce something or I'm going to be replaced game. I had him as MoM ......... till the last 10 minutes
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    Was Coburn really made the Captain?

    You've got it all wrong. Yorkshire Post And Crooks snatched a winner deep into stoppage time after Jones whipped the ball into the box and found the captain, who rose above the defence to head home and earn three points for his side. Could he be the real captain in the future?
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    Mike Ashley in talks to seal Compensation deal with Boro

    I have no axe to grind with Derby staff players and supporters. I can also almost understand some of them blindly lashing out at Boro as a scapegoat for some of their troubles. I can still remember ringing up my Dad every night from a phone box in Majorca to be met with "They're doomed" one...
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    Well done to the south stand/red faction today...

    Yesterday was the first official day with the South stand as the home end. For a few games now if Howson won the toss and chose to switch sides and kick to the North stand first. But we came out and the lined up on the South side, don't think we've ever done that before I think thar must have...
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    Wilder is a genius - that’s how you win a game

    Is Coburn or youngest ever captain?
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    This day 1972 - David Mills scored his 1st FAC goal

    If l remember correctly we beat them 1-0, big John, in the replay on a snow covered Ayresome Park.
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    'Operation Save Big Dog'

    Much as I want him and his party out. Could it be that keeping him in office for a bit longer will improve Labour's chance at the next election. after all his next big **** up/ big lie is just around the corner.
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    The boro Aussie connection

    Rhys Williams when he was fit
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    My Dad is now a member of the Holgate in the sky 😪

    I'm sure he'll be shouting as loudly as ever from his new seat. Condolences to you and your family.
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    The Expanse Season 6

    Just finished final episode. Not perfect but a fitting end to the best Scify series on TV.......or is it?
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    Bobs on WILTY tonight!

    10 minutes .time.