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  1. Big_Nothing

    Is our game televised or available to stream tomorrow?

    Really want to watch us!
  2. Big_Nothing

    Where's Payero?

    Genuine question. Would worry if he was left out the squad on impressions alone.
  3. Big_Nothing

    Not good enough really is it.

    Fully appreciate we're a team with a seeming mismatch of players due to transition but we got outplayed for large periods today. Crooks is too clumsy with the ball in a 2. We missed Morsy 🤷‍♂️ Peltier did okay but he's ageing, he can't play every week and I'm not convinced by Bola of late or...
  4. Big_Nothing

    Akpom vacated the number 10 shirt 👀

    Maybe I'm looking too hard 🤣
  5. Big_Nothing

    Who is this mystery player?

    I thought it was the Norwegian lad we'd been linked with but Warnock said something about him adapting from a hot country. Really curious. Anybody heard anything? Apologies if this has already been done.
  6. Big_Nothing

    Pancreatitis. Anybody ever had it?

    Been sat in A&E in Budapest for 10 hours to be told I have this. They're sending me to another hospital for a bed and proper treatment. I'm supposed to be moving to the other side of the world again in ten days time. Anybody had this before? I actually feel fine!
  7. Big_Nothing

    Grant Leadbitter's Grief (Athletic article)

    I subscribe to The Athletic and this article was on there. Behind a pay wall which is an effin pain so thought I'd copy over for anyone interested. Grant Leadbitter's Grief: Scene one: mid-1990s Wearside, on the tight streets near Roker Park. A young boy, Grant Leadbitter, is with his father...
  8. Big_Nothing

    FAO Cinematographers/Video editors

    Morning lads and lasses, I'm sure within the reach of fmttm there's one or two of you who know a bit about this. Essentially I'm trying to take some footage for a project on my xiaomi m9t Pro. I'm using Filmic Pro with Cinematography kit, settings are as advised for low light conditions, iso...
  9. Big_Nothing

    Who are Boro's Italian team?

    So to the delight of my fiorentina friends we beat both Lazio and Roma. We played Brescia and Hagi scowled on the bench. We opened the riverside against Sampdoria. We've had Ugolini, Maccarone, Festa, Ravanelli, Branca. But do we have any kind of connection or mutual respect with another...
  10. Big_Nothing

    How are people watching the match?

    Is there a way to view the game on a firestick or am i stuck with a laptop screen/HDMI job?
  11. Big_Nothing

    Moving to Florence - recommendations/tips/advice?

    Afternoon all. I'm going to be moving to Florence for a few months from the middle of July until Vietnam opens their borders and I can get back over there. (Fingers crossed my flight doesn't get cancelled) I spent a day there once and loved the place. Decided instead of sitting here in...
  12. Big_Nothing

    Laptop Recommendations

    Is anybody clued up on the laptop market at the moment? Or can recommend somewhere good for deals? Budget is around £700. Cheers!
  13. Big_Nothing

    Intermittent Fasting/Weight Loss

    ** I'm actually going to post daily updates on here of what I've eaten and drank and the progress I'm making in an attempt to almost shame myself into a better routine. Feel free to make suggestions or even just tell me what a fat knacker I am. If you don't like the thread being routinely bumped...
  14. Big_Nothing

    Dani Ayala moving out of his house

    So Ayala has posted on Instagram saying goodbye to his home. A picture of him and his family stood outside and a message about all the memories they made there. Plenty of rumours (I know what a rumour is before the first bright spark pipes up) stating they've been doing up a house in...
  15. Big_Nothing

    George effin Friend

    I wanna say he's past it because he's dreadful for us at the moment and has been for some time. That said I have little doubt he'd go somewhere else and be decent. If the likes of Crainie are still doing a job for people then surely George can. Also never ever been convinced with him as a...
  16. Big_Nothing

    Boro's best every penalty taker?

    It's the 90th minute of the Champions League final. Boro get a penalty, you can choose any Boro player, past or present to take it. Who do you choose? Yakubu or Leadbitter for me.