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  1. Zoophonic

    Forest Green v Mansfield Match Abandoned because of Fog

    After 3 minutes Fog Either the methane produced by all those cows or the Gloucestershire green belt mist
  2. Zoophonic

    Luton v Bournemouth

    1-0. Could have been two but controversially ruled out (Without VAR)
  3. Zoophonic

    Anybody Watching The Tourist - BBC 1? (No Spoilers)

    One of the best series Ive seen on TV for ages. Quite "Fargo" like with quirky comedic bits interspersed with plot twists, violence and drama. On Iplayer.
  4. Zoophonic

    Driving Back Down the M1 Home

    I read a lot of negativity about our performance and yes some of it is understandable but that was some cup tie. Mansfield played really well. Cant say I enjoyed the second half one bit until that winner at the end. Cue celebrations! All the issues 2nd half will be forgotten tomorrow. The...
  5. Zoophonic

    The Man Who Bought Cricket - Sky Documentary

    Three parter. Incredibly embarrassing for English cricket that we got involved with this con man Allen Stanford. A very good watch and shocking story of how one man can con so many people. The interviews with those that lost their life savings and pensions is very sad.
  6. Zoophonic

    The Most One Sided Fight in Film History

    Just watching El Cid on BBC 2. A duel between 24 year old Charlton Heston and OAP Prince played by Andrew Cruickshank. There was only one winner. Pah. How the sword fighting lasted 5 minutes I don’t know.
  7. Zoophonic

    Is today Boxing Day?

    Only in 1971 when December 26th fell on a Sunday, the 27th was Boxing Day. They called December 26th Christmas Sunday.
  8. Zoophonic

    Strictly Becomes...,,,

    the latest competition to end in a farce this year. AJ pull out through injury and finalists down to 2. Covid rife through the behind the camera crew.
  9. Zoophonic

    Dead Man's Shoes

    On Film 4 this evening. Shane Meadows finest film for me. One of the Board members uses an avatar of Paddy Consadine in the film @HundredRoom ?
  10. Zoophonic

    Bob and Paul’s Gone Fishing Christmas Special

    The wonderful 2020 episode from our Area is being broadcast again on BBC 2 tomorrow evening at 18.30. Middlesbrough, Staithes, Osmotherley, Crathorne Arms. The new 2021 Christmas edition will be shown on BBC 2 on Boxing Day at 9pm. From “North England”
  11. Zoophonic

    The Cure 2022

    Tickets just gone on General sale for their 2022 tour if anybody is interested
  12. Zoophonic


    Not a band Ive been massively fond of but really like their new release.
  13. Zoophonic

    Friday Morning Footie Question

    I just read the most amazing stat! There have only been three goalless draws in a final since the football league play-offs were introduced in 1987. One in a fourth-tier play-off final, one in a third-tier play-off final and one in a second-tier play-off final. Obviously all three matches went...
  14. Zoophonic

    Paddy McNair - 5 Yellow Cards

    I was expecting him to be suspended for Swansea but we are past the 19 games limit so hes good to play.
  15. Zoophonic

    John Sillett RIP

    Architect of Coventry’s FA Cup run of 1987 winning in one of the best finals in memory - John Sillett has passed away.
  16. Zoophonic

    World Cup Play Off Draw

    That has really surprised me I was convinced that they would keep Italy and Portugal apart for they been drawn in the same band to play if they both win their semifinals
  17. Zoophonic

    Are these the Worst Town Christmas Lights?

    Christmas pants. Literally.
  18. Zoophonic

    Pub Menu from 1936

    My local has a menu they had from 1936 hung on the wall. Listed amongst the list of drinks is a Hulskampt. Anybody know what that is? I’ve googled it but have no idea whether it’s a drink or a kind of cigar. . Here is the menu
  19. Zoophonic

    Barnsley New Manager

    Barnsley have appointed Sweden Under-21 boss Poya Asbaghi as their new head coach following the exit of Markus Schopp earlier in November.
  20. Zoophonic

    3D Advertising Billboards in Piccadilly Circus

    These look pretty amazing.