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  1. festa5

    MFC Statement

    Of course the problem with that is it would require most Derby to fans to accept they were wrong. They were so sure there wasn't a case to answer and Steve Gibson was a "joke" for even suggesting they'd broken the rules. Morris was just being a clever and astute businessman. As we see in...
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    This is it for me. Some people are unable to see beyond goals and assists (or basically the eye catching stuff). I don't think there's any doubt Tav could and should have a better end product. It's frustrating at times. Particularly when you see crosses like that. You know he has it in him...
  3. festa5

    Mike Ashley in talks to seal Compensation deal with Boro

    Can't see Gibson agreeing to an out of court settlement. He's the devil incarnate hell bent on forcing Derby out of existence (apparently, according to Derby fans).
  4. festa5

    Holloway purring about Wilder and the team

    Reminds me of Rhys Williams a bit. Because they're both technically so good the temptation is/was to play them in midfield (and with McNair he has a great strike to take into account too) but both tend to end up letting the game pass them by a bit at times in that position. They like more time...
  5. festa5

    Labour 10 points ahead of Tories...

    Oh I might well be. But you asked for a reason why those who believe in Tory ideology wouldn't vote Tory at the next election. Although I agree. Those who buy into everything you've listed are unlikely to be that bothered about corruption or lies or the behaviour of the government. Certainly...
  6. festa5

    Labour 10 points ahead of Tories...

    Maybe those with a conscience and capable of critical thinking will realise that although Johnson is head idiot in chief, the rest of the party have propped him up, covered for him and defended him despite almost certainly knowing he's been lying through his teeth non stop since he took the job...
  7. festa5

    Labour 10 points ahead of Tories...

    The fact they are still around 30% beggars belief to be honest. Shame on anyone still intending to vote Tory. They're basically saying they'll vote for any corrupt regime no matter what they do. They're either incredibly gullible or have no moral standards. They might as well live in a banana...
  8. festa5

    Holloway purring about Wilder and the team

    I think he's widely known in the game as a utility man. He might have played predominantly in midfield for northern Ireland but he's definitely played right back for them. I'd be surprised if most northern Ireland fans weren't aware he can play centre back.
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    There’s something special happening here

    Not having that at all. I thought Warnock was badly let down by the recruitment department. The man said so himself. He was very sure to distance himself from it all so i dont see how he now gets the credit. Maybe fairer and more accurate to say the much maligned recruit team have put together...
  10. festa5

    Today's highlights....

    Downing had it when he first broke through, particularly when he had Jimmy on his case all game. Seem to think he had a fairly bad injury? and when he came back didn't get at players as much. Arguably no less effective, but lacked a bit of the spark he had previously. The trick and cross for...
  11. festa5

    The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Reading Matchday Thread and Programme

    "good teams score late goals" Gareth Southgate (I think. Plus no doubt plenty of others).
  12. festa5

    Team tomorrow then?

    Thats a bit of an exaggeration! He scored the late winner with a very good finish in the last game he played too. if think if fully fit he starts. I suspect the new lads will be better goalscorers, but doubt either will be able to match his pressing. Imagine Wilder will be telling them to...
  13. festa5

    Kieran Scott Article in the Northern Echo

    Great to hear the penny has dropped for Gibson that he needs more help with footballing decisions, particularly on who to appoint as manager. Last time someone picked a manager for him we were promoted 2 and a half seasons later. I daresay if Scott had been here at the time we wouldn't have...
  14. festa5

    Is Chris wilder a Mountie ?

    It's almost as if the prospect of playing progressive front foot football with the ball predominantly on the deck makes it an easier decision for some players. (As opposed to weighing up whether the money is worth having to spend 90 minutes chasing the opposition like a dog chasing a car and...
  15. festa5

    So liz truss does want the top job then

    Thats the concern. The lights are on but there's nobody home. Combine that with her ideology and it's a dangerous combination. Shudder to think at the potential damage she might inflict.
  16. festa5

    Mid Season Awards

    Hopefully not. Because that'll mean someone's been even better and Jones has been incredible.
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    Boro's most unappreciated players

  18. festa5

    Boro's most unappreciated players

    He struggled in 96/97 along with plenty of others in defence. I think they all missed Pearson's leadership for a start and he spent a lot of that season injured. They also struggled with the change to a four at the back. Vickers had excelled in the sweeper role in the "Christmas tree...
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    Neil Taylor has signed a contract extension

    Good lad.
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    Novax Djokovic - Visa Cancelled (Again)

    I've always been a Federer man myself. I believe he's the most talented player (not necessarily the best at winning mind) and by far the most entertaining of the big 3. But I have to say if Nadal now goes and wins it and puts Djokovic 2 away from holding the record outright (certainly...