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  1. WindyNook


    Missing on Monday. Playing for Chile in World Cup qualifiers
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    Bobs on WILTY tonight!

    10 minutes .time.
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    VIP lanes

    VIP lanes illegal says Judge If the parties don't get them this one will! Will Matt and his cronies have to be hauled to court as well
  4. WindyNook

    Honest opinion of Man U

    After watching Man U v Villa last night here's my thoughts De Gea. Good goalie on form but can't keep out all shots with no defence infront of him Dalot speedy full back but can't tackle Lindelof likes to wander about a bit occasionally defends Varane Rolls Royce of a defender without the...
  5. WindyNook


    Djed doing everything to increase his value if we want to sell him in the summer.
  6. WindyNook

    Tories with their finger on the pulse

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh. How many times do we have to do Victor Meldrew impersonations before we can get rid of this lot!
  7. WindyNook

    Get voting now PFA awards December Going to be difficult for one of our players to win, our votes could be split. I voted for AS.
  8. WindyNook

    Marc Bola warned

    For being a teenager and has to attend a training course.No fine though. FA has to be seen to do something
  9. WindyNook

    No pictures on a golf scorecard

    Chris Wilders bingo card is going to be much harder than the last incumbent ⛳ 🏌️‍♀️
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    Dewsbury Hall

    Playing his 8th Premier league game tonight for Leicester against Liverpool. Was on loan at Luton last season This guy is going to be some player
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    Get out of this Johnson

  12. WindyNook

    Johnson at another party! This must be the end........ or perhaps they all followed covid protocol and no rules were broken
  13. WindyNook

    18th/21st Birthday

    It was 21 in my day when you got the "Key of the door" Dec 4th 1971 Boro 0 Birmingham 0 Jim Platt John Craggs Stuart Boam Bill Gates Alan Moody Gordon Jones Derrick Downing Nobby Stiles Eric McMordie Joe Laidlaw Big John Truely awful game Last season of the annual Boro v Man Utd FA Cup games...
  14. WindyNook

    Paul Gosar

    If you think our lot of politicians are bad, and they are, they've got nothing on these bunch of lunatics. I have not seen the actual video but this clip shows Gosar's sister calling him out.
  15. WindyNook

    Djed on his way back When can we recall him? Any one know? Seems like he is already on Wilder's radar,
  16. WindyNook

    George The fans chance to say thank you to George. Great servant is a term overused in football but not for this man. On and off the field he exemplified what a true great servant should be...
  17. WindyNook

    Boros strongest team?

    When most players are fit which players are certain starters? I had a think and got it down to Lumley Bola no other left back Sporar streets ahead of the other forwards Questions about the others who are almost certainties Tav in central midfield but has not been played there Paddy wouldn't...
  18. WindyNook

    Tax the millionaires

    Say the millionaires Sadly Rishi has got his blinkers on and yet again the poorest have to suffer
  19. WindyNook

    The Expanse Season 6

    Without doubt the best Scfi on tv. Much better than anything begining with Star. The sixth and final? series starts on 10 December If you haven't seen any of it yet shake your head and get started now. Don't be put off by the slow start the characters are real people. The relationships are real...
  20. WindyNook

    We are still doing carp re covid A lot of you like me probably look at the each day. I look at the raw numbers and the shape of the graphs. the second of which paint a misleading picture of how we are...