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    Look over there a new baby What a convenient time for this to come out, just as the heat is turned up on the Downing Street parties.
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    Formula one fans

    Why do formula one fans constantly talk about drivers by their first names, as though they're one of their mates ? All this "Max" and "Lewis" stuff, you dont hear football fans talk about Johnny or Duncan to the same extent (with a few exceptions I'm sure) but it seems prevalent in F1.
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    Obscure songs ripped off by more famous artists

    Might not be a ton thread this, but songs recorded by obscure artists which have been recorded / adapted and reached a much wider audience. I'll start with this from 1988, which a young Jarvis Cocker must have heard when writing Common People ?
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    Goalkeeper coach

    Have we got a new one ?
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    Wilder's accent

    I read on Wikipedia that he's from Sheffield, but his accent on that MFC interview was really strange and almost brummieesque... Doesn't look like he's spend much time in the West Midlands, so where on earth has that come from ?
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    George Short

    Anyone know more about him ? That thread on Ridley Road led to me looking up The Battle of Stockton, in which Mr Short seems to have played a leading role in the anti-fascist movement on Teesside back in the 30's, even preventing Mosley from speaking at Middlesbrough Town Hall. Before he...
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    What was Woodgate's points per game as our manager ?

    Just wondering how it differs from Warnock, and Pulis?
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    Such a insightful and ground breaking article

    Surely a Pulitzer prize incoming for this article, which is effectively a list of pubs in Hertfordshire - that's it, nothing else, a list.
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    Catching COVID from family pets

    Just a warning to be careful a mate of mine has caught COVID from his cat !!! Don’t ask meow...
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    Separating the art from the artist

    The death of Phil Spector at the weekend got me thinking a bit more about how easy it is to separate a body of work from the person who created it. I struggle with it a little, but which artists do you dislike / detest their personalities, but actually appreciate the work they produced ...
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    Vaccine supply delays

    There's some breaking reports that suppliers of the vaccine are having issues with delivery and there's talk of civil unrest as a result. Pfizer chiefs have said they "predict a riot”
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    Footballers, eh !

    Dider Lamkel Ze is trying to force a move, and so showed up to training at Royal Antwerp in a Anderlecht shirt this morning (their main rivals). They wouldnt let him in the stadium :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: and so there was a bit of wrestling match at the door.
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    Spring Playlist

    Jumping the gun a little, but during these dark days of winter / COVID, thought I'd listen to a spring playlist earlier. There's loads of winter & summer playlists, but not many Spring ones, and so thought I'd follow @goalscrounger's lead and put together a collaborative Spotify playlist...
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    Blimey we're terrible....

    ....but Warnock says some funny stuff in press conferences - so we're all happy and making doe eyes at him.
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    Real or fake ?

    Interesting debate (apologies for the link to the Mail) about whether having a real tree is "middle class" (whatever that means these days. I'd tend to echo her thoughts, and growing up I cant remember anyone having a real tree - we had one we kept in the loft and it needed assembling every...
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    Boro to sign someone in January - Big Exclusive

    [/ISPOILER] So the spoiler doesnt work in the heading it appears.
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    The UI on this site

    Just suddenly changed for me, between refreshes.
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    Interesting Spotify playlists

    What playlists would you recommend on Spotify. Ben Watt (from Everything But The Girl & Buzzin' Fly) has his Spincycle, which he's constantly updating and adding to and is a great way of discovering new and old music:-...
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    Northern culture according to the Conservatives Apparently we all like football, whilst those cultured southerners go to the ballet or the opera. As a northerner living in the south, who goes to both football and the ballet (only one or twice a year...
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    You stupid Northerner

    Interesting court case, and she's from Middlesbrough:-