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  1. BaronSmoggie

    Bank profit tax cut

    Sunak to slash tax on bank profits just weeks after National Insurance hike ( I have to say, this stings. The general public hit with a 1.25% increase in NI with a freeze on raising the tax threshold for 5 years and increasing costs and rising inflation. This cannot be...
  2. BaronSmoggie

    Any Enterprise IT peeps on here

    As this site seems to be a font of knowledge, thought I'd ask if anyone here in enterprise IT has ever worked with internal PKI's ? Looking to bounce an idea around and need a sounding board.
  3. BaronSmoggie

    Fuming, more mask rubbish

    I've just found out from my wife, that her cousin, who we were already annoyed with as she wears a fake lanyard to claim she doesn't have to wear a mask, went into a popular coffee shop, was refused service because of no mask, has just been given £3,000 compensation by said company as an...
  4. BaronSmoggie

    Boro show potential interest in Charlie Wyke

    Apologies if already posted, I did check :) Could be interesting if we get him on a free if Sunderland fail to go up. What I did find interesting in that article is that Sheff Utd may want Fletcher.
  5. BaronSmoggie

    Parmo's in the South

    I just want to say, having moved South a few years ago, there are a few things I miss. One is being able to get a parmo with a beer when I've had a crap day. Well, there is a restaurant here that has just started doing them (Thursday nights only) as a trial, and I am absolutely made up. Its...
  6. BaronSmoggie

    But I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED The Sims for work

    We just started deploying our new SAM solution at work this work, which gathers software data from every computer along with usage metrics. We started getting data from Asia this week and we have one user in Thailand who has a real thing for The Sims game :) One game with 12 add-on packs...
  7. BaronSmoggie

    Well, my weekend is ruined (racism)

    So, as part of my job, I have to evaluate software and services used by my company around the world. We had a request last week about integrating a Chinese software product with our cloud authentication platform. I pushed back saying we needed a whole load more information about data retention...
  8. BaronSmoggie

    Captain Picard joins football management

    FC Cincinnati sent out a tweet earlier welcoming their new manager Jaap Stam
  9. BaronSmoggie

    The ruination of my marriage. Or how I delved back into Football Manager 2020.

    After 5 years away, during which time I discovered I really missed it, I've taken the plunge and jumped back into the world of football management. Not since the heady days of taking such players as Tonton Zola Moukoko, Andriy Sigporsson and Mark Kerr from relative obscurity to Champions League...
  10. BaronSmoggie

    BBC story on Adama Traore

    Nice story on the BBC website about Speedy Gonzales. Adama's Story