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  1. Randy


    Take a bow young man. That is an incredible free kick.
  2. Randy

    Does Benzema have a point?

    Interesting discussion to be had here I think. I completely agree with him and I think the explosion of betting firms and websites is the reason why people are so obsessed with statistics these days. This xG b***ks for example is exactly that, b***ks. Plus all the booster bets you see on...
  3. Randy

    Chinese Infiltration Oh my.
  4. Randy

    Marske Utd sign two ex Boro players.

    Junior Mondal and Jason Kennedy have joined the club on loan from Darlington and Spennymoor respectively. Big statement of intent from the club for the chase for the title in the second half of this season. Exciting times ahead.
  5. Randy

    Cinema this weekend.

    Trying to book tickets to see a film this weekend, likely to the new matrix film but it appears that our two local cinemas are closed for a week. Is this industrial action does anybody know?
  6. Randy

    New Year's Eve

    Calm before the 3 course banquet meal at work. Get that out of the way then on the beer. All the best FMTTM'ers.
  7. Randy

    Tick Tock...

  8. Randy

    Help Navigating Newcastle

    Afternoon folks, I've bought a ticket to see a band in Newcastle in June next year. It's at The Boiler Shop. Has anybody visited there before? I need some help with parking as due to time constraints I'll be driving up instead of getting the train. Help!
  9. Randy

    Where's @coluka these days?

    Hope @coluka is doing well. His/her presence is definitely missed on the board.
  10. Randy

    Today is a GOOD day.

    Does anybody else get that feeling when they wake up that the days ahead will be grand? Had a cold shower to wake the body and feeling fresh! Let's all get it whatever we are all doing today! Positive vibes.
  11. Randy

    New President of the United States.

    Some would argue she's the one who's been pulling the strings all along. 👀
  12. Randy

    Qatar Grand Prix

    Track looks quick. Very different seeing F1 cars fly round here compared to the motorbikes. Track limits will be interesting come qualifying.
  13. Randy

    Where's the justice? Where's the justice? Four years? Disgusting. Will no doubt be given a new identity and all that comes with it once this cretin is let out of jail. In four years this scumbag will be 27 with her life...
  14. Randy

    Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, United States...

    I don't know if anybody else has been keeping an eye on developments on the Russian/Ukraine border but the above certainly peaked my interest earlier. Are the yanks war mongering again willing to sacrifice Ukraine for Russia's help with China (as mentioned in the twitter thread) or are they...
  15. Randy

    Essential Infrastructure

    Hopefully this gets passed through. The children of this country have been a afterthought throughout these past months.
  16. Randy

    Robson and Jerome

    Anyone remember their brief music career? Popped up on my YouTube playlist this morning whilst doing some DIY and listening to covers of famous songs. Not half bad really considering. I read that that Simon Cowell had seen them perform Unchained Melody on Soldier Soldier and took a chance...
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  18. Randy

    A question of life and death

    Recent months have people questioning their own mortality. If a pill was available that enabled you to live 'forever', would you take it?
  19. Randy

    Marske Utd Vs Gateshead FA Cup

    This weekend's FA Cup tie is now SOLD OUT. Promises to be a superb atmosphere.
  20. Randy

    Excess Deaths At Home

    @bear66 ? @Billy Horner ? Any explanation to help?