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  1. Anton_Berg

    We have had the Championship's biggest crowd of the season

    It must strengthen the case for doing away with public transport in Teesside.
  2. Anton_Berg

    Yet another reason to love Neil Young.

    I recently sold almost all of my vinyl albums, having first checked that they are on Spotify if needed. The' jewels in the crown' were 5 decades of Neil Young albums. Then he does this! I suport him on this issue nonetheless. What's impressive is that Spotify complied with his demand even...
  3. Anton_Berg

    January 1978 - Craig Johnston made his Boro debut

    Johnston's debut was well publicised. The papers that week were full of his exploits in Jersey winter training. He'd gone off 'to explore the coastline', got cut off by the tide. and had to swim back.
  4. Anton_Berg

    Morrissey open letter to Marr

    'Open letters' hark back to the age of crushed velvet loons (mostly they were addressed to George Best or Stan Bowles).
  5. Anton_Berg

    Brian Clough Statue Petition

    What happened?
  6. Anton_Berg

    Connolly really ?

    Britt came with a rep as a goalscorer. What expectations should we have re Connolly?
  7. Anton_Berg

    DJed Spence - what an assist

    That's 2 assists now isn't it.
  8. Anton_Berg

    Derby fans singing about Having a party when Steve Gibson dies

    Sanitising the hate from football crowds is a tall order.
  9. Anton_Berg

    Songs with animal sounds in the backgroud

    Barbados - Typically Tropical, had cicadas in the background iirc. There must be a few like that.
  10. Anton_Berg

    Songs with animal sounds in the backgroud

    Meat is Murder - Smiths
  11. Anton_Berg

    This day 1886 - Redcar beat us away in our FAC 5th round clash

    It's the sea fret. Can't see the ball properly.
  12. Anton_Berg

    Derby fans singing about Having a party when Steve Gibson dies

    That's just adding to it. Let's leave SG out of it altogether.
  13. Anton_Berg

    Cryptocurrency Crash

    At least with tulip mania you got a tulip out of it.
  14. Anton_Berg

    Cryptocurrency Crash

    Is it the beginning of the end for casinos?
  15. Anton_Berg

    George Camsell in The Times

    If only he'd took a few penalties :(
  16. Anton_Berg

    Newcastle Squad off to Saudi Arabia

    It works for horses.
  17. Anton_Berg

    I have truly mixed feelings over derby...

    I didn't know 'The Merchant of Venice' was a pantomime.
  18. Anton_Berg

    Songs for the Derby game.

    'Let it Go' (song for little girls and football club owners).
  19. Anton_Berg

    Daily Mail hatchet job on Boro and Wycombe

    Public opinion is all too often received media opinion. Sometimes it's what you want to hear, sometimes not.
  20. Anton_Berg


    'up to £15m'? If he only wants one club it will be 'up to £10m'.