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  1. indeedido

    January 1978 - Craig Johnston made his Boro debut

    Makes my favourite Boro team does Craig. Top player, top bloke.
  2. indeedido

    Connolly really ?

    And that's my fear Mart - I'm not sure there is a player in there. I really hope I am wrong as Wilder doesn't tend to chop and change a lot.
  3. indeedido

    Connolly really ?

    Sporar has some credit at the moment based on prior performances.
  4. indeedido

    Jim Platt - 70th birthday today..."All the very best Jim"

    Happy Birthday Jim - a great fella.
  5. indeedido

    Ikpeazu, Hernandez, JLS, Browne

    I wish the big lad luck wherever he goes (so long as not Sunderland)
  6. indeedido

    Connolly really ?

    He has scored 8 goals for anyone in League, FA Cup or League Cup. He has scored in just 6 matches and has played 56 times and 2,599 minutes. He has played over 46 minutes per appearance and scored every 325 minutes. Aaron has never been a regular goalscorer at Brighton. At the same stage/age...
  7. indeedido

    'Sammy Ameobi to Middlesbrough is all-but done'

    I spoke to Darnell in December at Rockliffe. He said March earliest realistically. I wished him luck and can only say what a smashing bloke he is to talk to. Similarly Marc Bola is a smashing lad, but looks to be March at the earliest too. Whenever I've seen Sammy at Rockliffe - which is only...
  8. indeedido

    Connolly really ?

    The team was indeed awful first half and both Connolly and Sporar were key elements of that, not just victims of it. Connolly played very badly throughout. Nobody "can't wait to get their teeth into a player". That is nonsense. It is a message board for people to express views. The biggest...
  9. indeedido

    Connolly really ?

    He might not be always right, but I fear he might be over Connolly.
  10. indeedido

    DJed Spence - what an assist

    Premier league clubs struggle to retain two really good players for one position for very long. Even if Spence is that good after his time at Forest (he certainly wasn't whilst here) then a Championship Boro can not expect to develop both Jones and Spence. If we go up then Spence will be back...
  11. indeedido

    Adam Clayton Joins League 1 Doncaster

    I wish him only the best.
  12. indeedido

    Were we that bad?

    I really hope you are right, but I don't think he will.
  13. indeedido

    New loan ruling on prem league sides to limit loans to 6 players

    This should have been tightened up a long time ago and should be set up properly this time, not left with loopholes and ambiguity to breed inconsistency, like FFP
  14. indeedido

    Were we that bad?

    Dress it up how you like but the first half was a shocking Boro performance. Wilder talked in his pre match press conference how complacency and arrogance are things he can't stand. That first half it looked like they thought they just had to turn up to stroll it. The midfield was awful - ALL of...
  15. indeedido

    West Stand Upper Tickets Withdrawn From Sale for Derby Game

    Seriously they would get nowhere near him. There are more than enough to intervene. The blokes I sit with for starters.
  16. indeedido

    West Stand Upper Tickets Withdrawn From Sale for Derby Game

    In PL days you got the odd away fan in West Upper. Mainly Liverpool, local scumbags. They don't do well even in that genteel part of the stadium. If Derby fans really go in the West Stand Upper, arrested is the best they can hope for.
  17. indeedido

    Team Tomorrow

    It will depend on who has trained better and who is deemed fittest out of Balogun and Connolly. Which is tough on Watmore, but is reality I think.
  18. indeedido

    Boro Press Conference

    The Bruce Rioch journey was unique, born of complete adversity. Mostly young, many local players on buttons playing for their futures and their Club. But there wasn't finance in place, there were no stars, no big stadium and crowds were half the size of now. This feels much more like the...
  19. indeedido

    Boro Press Conference

    I am so happy that he is manager of my Football Club. Great decision Gibson. (y)
  20. indeedido

    Matchday Magazine: Nottingham Forest v Derby County [The last "Brian Clough Trophy"?]

    That Forest keeper was an utter bell at The Riverside. He was again when Lawrence had already retrieved the ball after the penalty. He was once more at the sending off and the final whistle. Absolutely loves himself. At the right club.