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    Tips for adding photos to threads

    Techno is not my thing so any easy tips to add pics from my Boro collection to threads would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Man U. Will we be at full strength?

    I hope so, its going to be an expensive weekend for the four of us so I hope we make an effort. Come on Boro!
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    My Sunday evening album - Pieces of a Man

    I get a couple of hours on my own on Sunday evenings but tonight my album is something special to me. Its on vinyl, a bit scratched and belonged to my dad. Now I suspect that you can listen to it on your phone or internet things. Give it a listen, its by Gil Scott Heron. Some of the lyrics are...
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    Good luck Captain Kirk

    Wednesday 10am. William Shatner finally goes into space. To boldly go - safe journey.
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    Driving, is it worth it?

    I have been driving for over 45 years now, sometimes professionally, most of the time for work and occasionally for pleasure. I must say the general driving standards now seem to me to be hopeless. There seems no road sense, no driver curtesy and its just how fast people can get from A to B and...
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    Afghanistan - should we be concerned?

    Seems its all starting again, now that US/other forces have left. Such a shame for those who want to live their lives in peace. What was it all about, was it just the US looking after their own interests and what a price some families have paid. Should we be concerned now that the Taliban are...
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    Virtual Glastonbury

    Anyone watching this instead of ESC? Coldplay were very good and Damon Albarn sounding lots like Bowie, with a very cool setting.
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    Tomorrows match

    Apologies if this has already been answered but is the game tomorrow classed as a midweek away or a weekend game and will ST holders need to purchase a pass? Thanks
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    Strade Bianche

    This should be a great race on Saturday, Van Aert, Van der Poel, Van Avermart along with British contenders Simon Yates and Tom Pidcock. Even TDf winner Pogacar racing. Could Tom get in the lead group and have a chance? He has had a couple of good performances already in the classics. The loose...
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    A midfield of

    Kebano, McNair, Howson, Tav ?? Why not give it a go. More attacking and creative than we have tried previously.
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    FAO Admin/Rob

    Hi, I posted a thread this morning about Bournemouth sacking their manager and that Woodgate had been appointed. This was based on what I heard on the radio whilst driving this morning. It seems like I jumped the gun with my thread as no decision has been made. Its not my intention to past 'fake...
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    Woodgate appointed Bournemouth manager?!?

    Following the sacking of Tindall today. He has only been in the job 6 months! The manager merry go round.
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    West Ham

    Not one of my favourite teams but what a turnaround they have made.
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    Bike shops

    One of the few businesses that can stay open during the current restrictions. So therefore it must be OK to travel ad drive to them?
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    Local Area. Excersise restrictions

    What is meant by 'local area'. The government website says we can excersise once per day but only in our local area. I can't seem to find any guidance on this. Just wondering as I like to get on my bike for a couple of hours. Don't fancy riding round in circles!
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    Satellite dish signal

    No signal on any channels this morning, it must be covered in snow. Looks like I will have to get the ladders out and clear it off so I can watch the footy later. Anyone else having signal problems this morning?
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    Wycombe game

    Anyone know if this match is on TV red button or is the only option to subscribe for the away game? Thanks and happy NY
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    VAR again!

    Another goal disallowed with a marginal call. Must have been a small part of Maddison's shoulder there. Looked a good goal
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    Help with posting

    Hi, probably I missed a previous post, but for a technophobe like me, could someone please share how to post a picture and/or a link into my message. Thanks in advance.
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    To the golfers on here

    Hi, I know there are quite a few board members who play golf and I'm looking for some advice about buying some clubs for my son, he is 21 and a beginner. Where would you recommend I go in the Teesside/North Yorkshire area to get some golf clubs with some honest sales advice as I have completely...