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  1. the_holgate_roof

    1 x Sheff Utd ticket needed ( adult or over 65)

    Hi, looking for 1 ticket if somebody can’t make the rearranged fixture, many thanks.
  2. the_holgate_roof

    Driving to Blackburn

    Would you recommend Blubberhouses or M62……..the M62 a few miles longer but looks like only an extra 5 mins, so assume Blubberhouses isn’t the fastest of routes?
  3. the_holgate_roof

    2 x Sheff Utd tickets wanted

    Anyone needing to send any back due to the rearranged date, looking for 2 adult tickets, thank you.
  4. the_holgate_roof

    Ball Boys

    Can anyone tell me why they are not allowed to retrieve the balls anymore? The amount of wasted yards ran by players to retrieve the ball was ridiculous yesterday.
  5. the_holgate_roof

    E-ticket question

    I have added someone to my e-ticket account as ‘friends and family’ should I now be able to buy them their away tickets???
  6. the_holgate_roof

    Yusuf Yusuf give us a song

    Gold old Yusuf, was loving it yesterday, fair play to the lad, he must spend more coin than anyone following the Boro, an adopted Teessider……….great stuff lad….👍😁
  7. the_holgate_roof

    Cruel and Unusual - The Angola 3

    Great documentary on Amazon Prime about the cruel and unjust treatment of 3 prisoners in Angola jail, after the murder of a prison officer in 1972 and how they were convicted of the murder on flawed evidence and coerced witness statements, spending 40 years in solitary confinement, basically...
  8. the_holgate_roof

    Blackpool Tower

    Couldn’t help notice the Blackpool Tower showing red and white last night, in appreciation of that great Boro win…..UTB!!!
  9. the_holgate_roof

    Cross v Gurney

    Hell of a game going to final set and Cross winning with a 170 check out, I think he is playing superb darts, with MVG gone, worth a bet on Cross.
  10. the_holgate_roof

    Spitting Image

    Does anybody else think it is not as funny as years ago, sat through it last night and didn’t even crack a smile, I knew exactly what points they were portraying but not that funny for me.
  11. the_holgate_roof

    Staithes or Steers

    I have heard it pronounced both ways but I always thought it was Staithes????
  12. the_holgate_roof

    42 positive Covid cases in the last week in Premier League
  13. the_holgate_roof

    I’m a Celebrity Final

    Surely got to be Simon the winner???
  14. the_holgate_roof

    COVID Plan C

    Are we expecting an snnouncement of further restrictions later this week do you think, with the first Omicron hospitalisations starting to materialise and the massive wave of infections predicted in January, they really are in a damned if they do, dammed if they don’t scenario.
  15. the_holgate_roof

    Germany restrict unvaccinated

    Coming down hard on those people who refuse vaccinations by way of restrictions and may make vaccinations mandatory by February…….
  16. the_holgate_roof

    Blackpool tickets

    Bought by 10am and booked into the Travelodge next to the ground, job done…..👍
  17. the_holgate_roof

    Booster jabs

    So with today’s announcement of reducing times since 2nd jab down from 6 months to 3 months, does that mean you can turn up for a walk up at the Riverside, I have a jab booked for 2 weeks time but would bring that forward??
  18. the_holgate_roof

    Pubs for Huddersfield

    Where are people going for a pre-match tipple, doesn’t look like there are any pubs near the ground so assume it would need to be the town centre?? Never been to Huddersfield before so not sure of away friendly pubs.
  19. the_holgate_roof

    I’m a Celebrity

    Gotta love it….👍
  20. the_holgate_roof

    Festival of Remembrance

    Total respect for those who fought and died for their country, in all wars, so we could all live our lives in freedom and with freedom of choice……..thanks to all who have served.