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  1. jam69

    Will this farce ever end

    Maybe law breaking by the met on duty is what's attracted their attention?
  2. jam69

    Sue Grey report going through legal checks

    Does the report show law breaking by met police officers? Is that why they are suddenly interested? Or johnson has asked them to kick the can down the road for 12 months. One thing we do know is there's something daming in the report .
  3. jam69

    At least freeports are a benefit, right?

    Isn't they a link between dredging at teesmouth to make it "freeport ready" and the dead shellfish being washed up? Toxins that gad laid for decades being dredged?
  4. jam69

    Barry Cryer

    Now where were we is the name
  5. jam69

    Barry Cryer

    Thats a shame, enjoying his latest podcast series where he just chats in the pub with likeminded people and his son. Highly recommend them
  6. jam69

    Animals before Afghans

    Can he get any more vile?
  7. jam69

    One for the beach erimus
  8. jam69

    Johnson had birthday party during Lockdown

    Worst of all is the scumbag career politicians defending every bit of grubby behaviour that comes out. I just hope people remember the see no evil hear no evil say no evil teesside tory MPs and their silence
  9. jam69

    This ends the debate re walk up prices 👍

    For a one off game. The same as finals , there's no reason for our walk up prices to be amongst the highest in the country
  10. jam69

    Tory MP defects to Labour

    There's been some daft stuff posted lately, this one makes my top 10
  11. jam69

    PMQ's - 19/1

    Davy 6 posts despite joining nearly two years ago, I have heard if shy tories but that's taking it to the extreme
  12. jam69

    Man Utd Pricing in Telegraph

    I would imagine villa could have done the same and took 9k at 45 but didn't want their fans riped off?
  13. jam69

    Tory MP defects to Labour

    Hes applied to join the party
  14. jam69

    Tory MP defects to Labour

    We are asking millions of voters to switch, especially in red wall seats to labour from the tories. Not welcoming a MP would just tell those red wall tories we don't want them or their votes back .
  15. jam69

    Tory MP defects to Labour

    Big moment, johnson gone by Saturday I would say. Friday could be the day
  16. jam69

    Labour 10 points ahead of Tories...

    The brexit cult seem the only ones left defending the indefensible
  17. jam69

    New line of duty investigation just dropped

    Wasn't a dig just highlighting the good work led by donkeys do 👍
  18. jam69

    New line of duty investigation just dropped

    Led by donkeys
  19. jam69

    Man Utd Pricing in Telegraph

    People should have Boycotted the match, the only way change will come
  20. jam69

    Beth Rigby Sky ; torn Boris a New one

    Funny how so many tory MPs wouldn't believe a word Cummings says after lying over BC, at the time the two faced spinless ***** were lining up to defend Cummings