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  1. indeedido

    We are brittle

    I posted on saturday how alarmed I was at how the collective heads went down on saturday. Tonight was exactly the same. This Middlesbrough squad has demonstrated it too many times this season. I know there has been an unfortunate cluster of defensive injuries. To have your first and second...
  2. indeedido

    Hats off to Roofie...and Erimus

    I've meant to post this a few times, but a massive hat's off to Roofie for his Matchday threads. The amount of info he puts up is brilliant and in a really easy to read format. I'm sure I'm not alone in appreciating it and the considerable time it must take to do it. Also a mention on similar...
  3. indeedido

    We are 6th and on the up.

    A very encouraging week despite the defensive injuries. I'm not getting carried away, but I am very upbeat. Credit to manager and players and I think we are only going to get better. Payero and Crooks look very good together. Sporar looks a very good striker and I like his combination with...
  4. indeedido

    Snow watch

    I got up this morning and there is total whiteout in Richmond. It now feels like its going to swallow our house. Its going to snow all day - yes, as forecasted - so will be snowed in for some time. Winterwonderlandtastic. What's it like with you?
  5. indeedido

    A poor day

    A very poor performance today in a very poor match. Poor all round. Poor team selection. Poor individually and collectively. Against a poor Stoke side really who did nothing themselves to deserve 3 points. Refereed by a poor man having a very poor day where he was conned into allowing nothing...
  6. indeedido

    Season Card holder - how watch today?

    I got an email with a code for the Bournemouth match and also one for my Dad. Had nowt for this match. Am I meant to have received another email with another voucher code or does same apply? Appreciate any help.
  7. indeedido

    Certainly deserved a point

    Watford had zero shots in the second half until a very late free kick. We played pretty well, without cutting edge. Assombolonga did pretty well and we looked solid. Fletcher is an absolute fanny. He did not remotely put a shift in. Assombolonga did tonight. Had Hall not lost his man we would...
  8. indeedido

    Young Kavanagh signs on - good news

    Graham's son Calum has signed terms. Good news as the lad seems to know where the onion bag is. Only 16 and one for the future, but it seems there was lots of interest in the young fella. By he looks like his Dad.