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  1. NYboro

    That didn't take long
  2. NYboro

    I wonder who this could be.

  3. NYboro

    Conveyancing solicitor in Darlington

    Can anyone recommend one?
  4. NYboro

    Steel import limits removed

    Clearly a benefit of Brexit. No more restrictions on steel imports
  5. NYboro

    Potential for Norwegian boycott of the Qatar WC

    I would love to see this: Boycott?
  6. NYboro

    Isaiah Jones gone on loan

    Is it allowed to post about football here? QoS
  7. NYboro

    Fake crowd noise

    On Sky Sports Football. I thought that channel didn't carry it. Is it elsewhere without it? I find it incredibly annoying.
  8. NYboro

    Rooney appointed Derby boss

    Fingers crossed for failure
  9. NYboro

    Ayala and Douglas gift Reach a goal

    Got in each others' way, the ball dropped for Reach - beautifully taken in the top corner.....
  10. NYboro

    Boris and The Jorm

    Haven't seen this posted here yet.... Lockdown 2 Edition
  11. NYboro

    RIP Ken Hensley

    Loved Uriah Heep back in the day - RIP
  12. NYboro

    Spencer Davis

    Yet another one gone - RIP
  13. NYboro

    The Revenge of the school librarian

    Great sense of humour. TES
  14. NYboro

    RIP Wayne Fontana

    Wayne Fontana
  15. NYboro

    EFL salary cap unlawful according to PFA

    Gordon Taylor worried his gravy train might end? Unlawful
  16. NYboro

    When I heard he had asked for a six month guarantee before he would play I almost crashed my car

    Bernie tells it like it is :ROFLMAO: Bernie in the Gazette
  17. NYboro

    Cat meet pigeons

    Could see this coming a mile off. Charlton
  18. NYboro

    Blackpool owner thinks....

    clubs will begin to go like dominoes. Interview
  19. NYboro

    Leeds, Sheffield Wednesday, Huddersfield and Preston

    all have staff members tested positive. How can they continue with this insanity? Linky
  20. NYboro

    Onuoha doesn't feel safe

    ..and who can blame him? Nedum Onuoha