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    DJed Spence - what an assist

    Not according to anything I've seen. In the Gazette article linked to above he gave a number of reasons but that wasn't one of them.
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    DJed Spence - what an assist

    That's not the impression given by the Gazette article about him. It stated that the club was interested in bringing him back but it was Spence who didn't want to return. And it certainly sounded as if Wilder would have liked Spence to be here, given that he said the following: However...
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    So Compulsory Vaccinations are Happening Then…..

    This anti-mandate demonstration doesn't make that clear at all. The people there (who are not all NHS staff according to every report I've seen) do not make up a majority of the doctors and nurses in this country. As of September 2020, there were 385,476 nurses, midwives and ambulance staff...
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    Boris planning to scrap Covid rules completely

    However, as also stated in that report, on page 31: "The vaccination status of cases, inpatients and deaths should not be used to assess vaccine effectiveness because of differences in risk, behaviour and testing in the vaccinated and unvaccinated populations. The case rates in the vaccinated...
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    Wolves turn down 15m

    I've seen a few people say this but I can't see why they would want him when they've got Saint-Maximin who is almost exactly the same style of player and arguably more effective (has better stats anyway).
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    A wealthy US family have made a formal offer to buy Derby County.

    According to the BBC article on this: US-based Binnie family submit takeover offer for Derby County
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    Djed _ Highly sought after

    Wilder basically said that he didn't want to come back, in an interview just a couple of weeks ago. Chris Wilder explains Middlesbrough's decision to let Djed Spence stay on loan at Nottingham Forest
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    Dad Jokes - all welcome!

    At my wedding, my best man got up to give his speech and said just one word: "Abundance," before sitting back down. So I said to him, "Thanks, that means a lot."
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    Team tomorrow then?

    Wilder said in his press conference that Balogun might not be available to play today, as it would depend on his Covid status.
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    "Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli banned and fined

    And about f***ing time too. Martin Shkreli is ordered to pay $64 million and is banned from the pharma industry for life
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    Prince Andrew no longer HRH

    Then you clearly haven't understood the fundamental differences between a criminal prosecution and a civil suit. A criminal trial is about society punishing a person for having broken the law while a civil suit is about an individual seeking compensation for a wrong that they claim was done to...
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    Prince Andrew no longer HRH

    I'm not sure why you keep repeating this thing about "no forensics." As already stated, forensics are not required in a civil suit (they'd be helpful, of course - but not necessary). For instance, the family of Nicole Simpson didn't need forensics (which, as we know, were found insufficient to...
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    Prince Andrew no longer HRH

    Again - this isn't a criminal case, it's a civil suit. There can't be a conviction, just a judgement as to damages. And as others have pointed out, in a civil case it's not about providing overwhelming and/or forensic evidence it's about establishing a balance of probabilities.
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    Novak wins his appeal Good Luck with the crowds

    Did any Boro players come out and publicly declare in an interview that they're opposed to vaccination? Djokovic did. Did any Boro players organise a tournament in the midst of the pandemic to try to prove that COVID-19 is nothing to worry about, which led directly to many of the participants...
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    Johnson's BYOB Party Invitation 🤣

    Not according to Dominic Raab - remember, he said the police can't go looking into things that happened in the past. :unsure:
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    African Nations Cup 2021

    There isn't just one, fixed translation for any given foreign language phrase. Translations don't always have to stick, word for word, as close as possible to the original. If you did that here, it would actually come out as, "Cup of Africa of the Nations." In fact the best translations are...
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    Ghislane Maxwell

    The juror has said that, "he flew through the questionnaire and didn't recall being asked if he'd been a victim of sex abuse." It doesn't necessarily mean she'll get a new trial though. There was an almost identical revelation after the Derek Chauvin trial where a juror, who had said on the...
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    Marc Bola warned

    The original decision was made back in November. There was then a delay because Bola appealed against details of the Tweet being included in the "Written Reasons" document that the FA normally publishes after a hearing. The hearing on that appeal was held on December 16 and its findings are...