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  1. jam69

    One for the beach erimus
  2. jam69

    Ross taylor retires

    One of the great underrated players of the modern game for me, seems to have been round for decades. Not the most naturally gifted but certainly knew how to squeeze as much out of himself as possible, crickets Kevin keegan...
  3. jam69

    More tory corruption

    Still brexit eh
  4. jam69

    344 covid deaths today

    Equivalent of a jumbo jet crashing every day. We seem to have become immune to it?
  5. jam69

    Whoda thought it would be the flat

    That gets the PM to resign rather than all the other much worse shyte
  6. jam69

    The 1st ashes test

    Starts midnight tonight, that certainly slipped under the radar. Can't see past a pasting for England Another whitewash on the cards? No Anderson, though I think he would struggle anyway
  7. jam69

    No wonder Rees-Mogg for so hard for Patterson

    He might have been able to block this
  8. jam69

    Michael gove

    Don't know what's more surprising the corruption involving his "mates" or the fact he has any
  9. jam69

    How much us your MP making on the side ?

    Good to see Andy Mcdonald isn't moonlighting for personal gain
  10. jam69

    England v new zealand T20 world cup semi

    Today at 2pm, should be a cracker. Two evey balanced teams. Mills a big miss for England, hope Woods can find his length. Hopefully bairstow can step into Roy's role at the top. New Zealands bowling is strong though can go for a few towards the end.
  11. jam69

    Tory MP cox working from the Caribbean during lockdown

    Fighting foreign office allegations into corruption and earning nearly half a million quid. Oh and doing the odd hour here and there for his constituents
  12. jam69

    30 MPs may lose consultancy pay

    In a clampdown, no surprise to see 28 of them are tory. Maybe their time might be better filled working for their constituents?
  13. jam69

    Johnson flies home in a private jet

    From COP26 , to be fair he did have a important dinner with telegraph journalists to attend.
  14. jam69

    Serco test and trace now officially

    Called NHS test and trace now to deflect blame from the government and their cronies. And the MSM are playing along, all of a sudden every bbc news item calls it "NHS test and trace .
  15. jam69

    Tory MP suspended

    For lobbying for cash. Time to stop MPs having outside interests. Even if it means increasing the pay. "MP Owen Paterson faces suspension for breaking lobbying rules | Politics | The Guardian"
  16. jam69

    Tories vote against stopping raw sewerage

    Being dumped in our rivers, whilst johnson prattle on about green polices
  17. jam69

    T20 world cup

    Started today, seems to have slipped under the radar. The bigger nations don't play until next week I think. Between India and England for me , I think Bangladesh could shock a few , had some good results lately.
  18. jam69

    When will the working classes

    Wake up to tory ideology and stop handing them power on the back of which school they went to?
  19. jam69

    Why do russian billionaires

    Fund the tory party so much ? What do they hope to get in return I wonder ?
  20. jam69

    County championship last games

    Cracking finish in the CC taking place, 4 teams covered by 5 points , closest finish for years will come down to bonus points . Live online