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    Don Revie

    Oooooh. Tell me more. What has he been doing
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    Heating being turned off...

    Every Christmas Mrs T allows me to have the heating on for half an hour as a present.
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    Sciatica caused by herniated disc

    It's well worth it I can assure you. The relief is fantastic. Good luck
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    Sciatica caused by herniated disc

    How are you feeling Coq
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    Everybody ready for their 10% NI increase then?

    Tories- good with money.................not
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    Everybody ready for their 10% NI increase then?

    News to me too.
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    Johnson’s strategy all along

    Well he did say "Let the bodies pile high", so there is a good chance he meant it.
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    Tory Councillor celebrates 600k food bank meals

    "Earn your benefits"? So what about all the tax paid by the benefit claimant- does that not count? I respectfully suggest facefuzz that you spend a little time on benefits and see just how much you are spouting out of your back side. People like you get right up my nose. Nothing but a...
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    whips' blackmail cribsheet in May's day

    Yes Lefty. But the fact that such a list even exist boggles the mind
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    Man U. Will we be at full strength?

    Hope we are. Otherwise why enter the competition if you are not taking it as seriously as the fans.
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    Peston reporting 'that'email has been found by Sue Gray

    Ministerial code!!!!!!! ..........He has commited a crime and should be arrested.
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    Peston reporting 'that'email has been found by Sue Gray

    The idiot is openly admitting to committing blackmail and other party members also committing blackmail.....on social media too. And he is a member of parliament????
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    PMQ's - 19/1

    Don't go Bumface. Your views are as valid as anyone elses and I like to read what you say. Some people on here think that if a person has a different view to them they are wrong and have no right to disagree.
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    Tory MP defects to Labour

    You are of course right Bumface. But a lying Starmer is better than any Tory. Tories only do things TO us and never FOR us.
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    Tory MP defects to Labour

    Hi Bumface- Some of the policies that Starmer has mentioned are- An affordable housing policy where people can actually afford to rent their homes The employment rights green paper – including sick pay from day one, flexible working and getting rid of fire-and-rehire, delivering secure...
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    End of the BBC

    How much would we be willing to pay for it. I have Netflix that I watch occasionally. For that pleasure I pay the same as I do to BBC. But I do not get any Radio, current affairs, sport, websites. learning apps, catch up. BBC Sounds The BBC is a bargain
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    End of the BBC

    You do already don't you
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    'Operation Save Big Dog'

    That's exactly what I have been thinking
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    My Dad is now a member of the Holgate in the sky 😪

    So sorry to hear this. My sincerest condolences
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    Johnson's BYOB Party Invitation 🤣

    Doesn't HM have the power to dismiss the PM and government