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  1. Billy69_uk

    Adama Traore is set for a return to Barcelona

    initially on loan with an option to buy him from Wolves, as per multiple reports. Barça will cover 100% of his wages Good business or more money wasted at the Camp Nou?
  2. Billy69_uk

    Accrington Stanley owner apologises for 'sh*thouse' comment about opposition player

    Called Morsey a 5hithouse. 😁
  3. Billy69_uk

    Queue to enter the website

    since when did we need to queue to enter the MFC ticketing website to check my account? What now?
  4. Billy69_uk

    IF you voted Conservative last time

    Serious question, if you voted Tory at the last election, are you now ashamed of Boris and the rest of the lieing duplicitous dirt bags? or are you ashamed of yourself for allowing yourself to be taken in by them?
  5. Billy69_uk

    Brands you avoid because of the celebs promoting them

    Are there any brands you will avoid purely because you dislike the "celeb" they have chosen to advertise for them? Irrational I know, but I would never buy Sketchers because of Jamie Redknapp, and the fact that he is Harry's on (who I despise)
  6. Billy69_uk

    Virgin Media

    didnt see other post
  7. Billy69_uk

    Black Friday suggestions

    I am turning to the good folks of this board (as well as the many nutters who frequent these hallowed halls) for suggestions and guidance. What piece of Black Friday discounted cack should I not be without?
  8. Billy69_uk

    Nearly shat my pants today

    I dropped my daughter off at Teesside Park this lunchtime, and a friggin huge Hawk landed on the roof of the car parked next to me. Turns out there was a pest control dude walking around with the aforementioned Hawk, which was flying around to see of those unsavoury Pigeon types. Didnt have...
  9. Billy69_uk

    England South Africa 2022

    Just got myself a couple of tickets to the England South Africa one day game in July 2022 at Durham. Really looking forward to it.
  10. Billy69_uk

    Name this hinge

    granted this is a bit of a clickbait title, but I have a waterproof box on my fishing kayak, that needs replacement hinges, but I dont have the first idea what to google search for. Any ideas?
  11. Billy69_uk

    Plug pulled on Irish Sea bridge dream

    Maybe the money spunked up on track and trace could have built Boris's skybridge to the Emerald isle? The Treasury has reportedly stamped down on any more talk of a fixed link across the Irish Sea. The Financial Times reports today that the prime minister’s aspirations for a tunnel or bridge...
  12. Billy69_uk

    Beer Blade

    I am thinking about buying a beer blade machine. Anyone got any experiences of it? Was it worth the money and what was the beer like?
  13. Billy69_uk

    Unpopular opinion??

    Luke Shaw's early goal (whilst fully deserved and fantastically taken) threw the Italy team off its game plan in the first half, flattering the England performance. Normal service resumed in the second half, and apart form a brief spell in extra time when Grealish came on, we were never really...
  14. Billy69_uk

    Darlo Tornado

    Tornado spotted on the outskirts of Darlo. So far its reported to have done nearly £5 worth of damage.
  15. Billy69_uk

    Streaming TV in the Garden

    Just had a summer house built in the bottom of the garden and am looking for pointers and advice on the best solution to stream tv down there. I dont fancy hooking up a laptop via HDMI, and using it to access iplayer, ITV hub etc, and it seems that I cant use the Virgin Go App to cast from an...
  16. Billy69_uk

    New Jack Reacher TV series on Amazon Prime

    I see that there is a new Jack Reacher mini TV series on Amazon prime. Reacher will be played by Alan Ritchson, who lets face it, has the open goal tap in of bringing Reacher back to life after Tom Cruise killed it off with his terrible take on the character. I will reserve judgement until I...
  17. Billy69_uk

    Ameobi Done Deal

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    Got wood?

    Forget Bitcoin, get your money into lumber. Timber supply issues
  20. Billy69_uk

    Gangs of the EPL

    Given all this talk of a European Super League, how will the White Hearts and the other Gangs of the EPL deal with all this fluffery buffery? Feel the ferocious heat.