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    "Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli banned and fined

    And about f***ing time too. Martin Shkreli is ordered to pay $64 million and is banned from the pharma industry for life
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    Yet another right wing radio host dies of Covid

    Colorado radio host who urged boycott of vaccines dies of CoVid-19 This seems to be developing into quite a trend. This guy sounds like a real charmer - in what some might see as supreme irony:
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    Unvaccinated 29 times more likely to be hospitalised

    According to a data analysis from the CDC, published on August 27. SARS-CoV-2 infections and hospitalizations by vaccination status Just thought that those who think vaccination doesn't protect you from serious illness, like @Campervantastic might like to know.
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    League 2 table

    As of 26 February. Notice anything interesting about the top ten teams' points total? What are the odds?
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    Laurence Fox

    If you thought his earlier Tweet was bad, he's now followed it up with if anything, an even worse offering: Certainly gets my nomination for, "Person you would most like to see come down with a fairly nasty (but of course, non-fatal) bout of CoVid-19."
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    Did Trump cost himself the election in Georgia?

    Not that it would have changed the overall result but I think there's a delicious irony in the fact that Trump may have cost himself the election in Georgia. Railing against mail-in ballots cost Trump the state
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    Donald & Melania Trump positive for CoVid-19

    As reported by the BBC and confirmed on Trump's official Twitter feed.
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    Into the fog: How Britain lost track of CoVid-19

    Good in-depth analysis of the response (or lack of it) to the coronavirus, from Reuters. Reuters Investigates Public Health England's coronavirus response
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    Why do bats carry so many dangerous diseases?

    Fascinating video which answers a question that had often occurred to me recently. It also talks about the reasons they don't get sick from these viruses and how that might ultimately give us clues on how to combat those diseases - and others.