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    Was there a bad foul in the game last night

    10 cards and not even a dirty match,if that was in the 70s or 80s there wouldn't have been a single card.
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    Ozark season four - part one

    Without giving anything away Ruths acting in the final episode was utterly brilliant. Absolutely love her character,she is a total star
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    Derby fans singing about Having a party when Steve Gibson dies

    I don't think we will need to limit what is already a pathetic away support anyway, they normally take more flags than fans
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    Looking for 2 tickets for Boro v Man U

    Good luck but if you are unsuccessful at least there will be plenty of opportunities to take him in the future after we are promoted this season !
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    Nobbys Notebook - Reading - Mystery Contributor

    Dennis Wick in da house
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    Next through the Door has to be

    John Swift please,best midfielder in the league for me,agree we definitely need a keeper too.
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    Anybody Watching The Tourist - BBC 1? (No Spoilers)

    Helen the copper was the star of the show for me
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    Ryan Giles

    His dads a farmer
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    Riley McGree signing?

    Looking like Celtic is his destination
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    Words that really annoy you.

    Getgo Proper Nawty Well jel Is you People who do the inverted comma's thing with their fingers when trying to make a point. Whatever Do you honestly think ?
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    Not the best looking in the crowd

    Google Davie Dodds I win
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    Leeds v Burnley

    ******* are winning
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    Attendances - some strange ones

    My son who follows Yusuf on social media said he flew to the match,the lad is a credit to our football club and very much an adopted smoggie
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    Howson > or < than Leadbitter?

    Leadbitter was a championship Roy Keane,absolute warrior and leader. After a slow start to his Boro career Howson has won me over,he's a model pro and deserves another year in my opinion. If its a choice between the two,I'd go Grant all day every day.
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    Mortimer & Whitehouse - gone fishing - tonight 21:00

    Gazza looked like Pete Burns,absolutely tragic to see a national treasure ravaged with such terrible afflictions. He needs football to give him a purpose, unfortunately it doesn't appear like any club would touch him with a bargepole,shame really,he'd make a fantastic youth coach.
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    2022 Hopes

    That really made me laugh
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    2022 Hopes

    I'd only go for that if we got promoted, Newcastle will walk the championship next season and will invariably get more coverage than us
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    2022 Hopes

    Love that Otto
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    2022 Hopes

    Not celebrities if they don't come from Essex and look like they've been Tangoed Erimus
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    2022 Hopes

    A return to the days when you actually knew who celebrities were and they actually had a talent