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  1. S7DiscoDown

    Andy Carroll

    FFS.... You'd hope he would sign for someone we don't play again. You'd say WBA have a 'type' of CF. I'd be stunned if the gaffer is still in charge.
  2. S7DiscoDown

    Marcus Browne off?

    Think he's been with us 3 years? Still don't know if he's any good. Think that says it all. I'll not remember he played for us in a few years. Injuries have affected him and that first season he was completely headless and looked like a sending off waiting to happen.... Really bizzare as he...
  3. S7DiscoDown

    New Highway Code Changes Come Into Effect Saturday 29th January

    I for one won't suddenly just start stepping out hoping a driver knows the new rules. I imagine anyone with any common sense wouldn't either. If nothings coming then I will cross. I simply can't believe you'd just step out hoping a driver knows (or follows) the new rules just because of a date...
  4. S7DiscoDown


    I guess we sent them a highlights package of his game against them. He was superb that day😂 Also didn't Warnock say that he smashed up Cardiffs Sean Morrison twice last season playing for Wycombe? He actually asked his opinion of Uche before we bought him. I think he will do alright for them...
  5. S7DiscoDown

    Only a fool breaks the 2 second rule

    Did you take me for my HGV driving test? Word for word what he said to me every 15 mins 😂
  6. S7DiscoDown

    West Brom nil Preston one

    I can see him getting sacked. Absolutely awful tonight (well most weeks recently) No creativity or 'style'
  7. S7DiscoDown

    Jack Clarke

    Jesus.... I thought we were in for him again. A 'bright young talent' who's actually done nothing to have such a tag. 33 career appearances and 3 goals. I mean folk slate Tav. He's played a 106 times for us since breaking into the side. The only thing I know him for is going 'man down' on...
  8. S7DiscoDown

    DJed Spence - what an assist

    He doesn't want to play for us. Jones is better. He'd be a decent back up to Jones if he came back. I imagine he would have a face on if forced back to be back up. So not worth bothering about unless someone pays us a few quid for him👍
  9. S7DiscoDown

    Jeff Hendrick

    I'd say he's a pretty decent player at champo level. Definitely an upgrade on Siliki and could come straight into a side. Think Payero may as well book a flight home if we get him having already signed McGree 😂 Although yet another loan signing. I hope we dont alter the dynamics of the squad...
  10. S7DiscoDown

    Sporar and connolly ...will not pair up again

    I don't think either connelly or Sporar could have had any complaints if hooked after 60-70mins. I was suprised as both Watmore and Balogun were warming up at HT. I'm guessing it was Wilder sending a message.
  11. S7DiscoDown

    Got to give Mogga some credit

    It's easy to forget it's probably a mid table squad and definitely a mid table budget and wage structure. The also lost a 25 goal scorer in Armstrong in the summer and didn't invest much back into the team. I think they have 5-6 going out of contract in the summer. I'd say he's doing a...
  12. S7DiscoDown


    It's pointless. They don't check it against ID so hardly worth it. I went into a rammed pub on Saturday and for some reason they asked for it. The guy on the door said 'you got a covid pass?'. I got my phone out and before I could even open the app he went 'fine' and waved me in😂
  13. S7DiscoDown

    5 strikers on the pitch at the end

    The same did happen last season. We were playing well and Warnock suprisingly just brought all the loan signings straight in at the expense of Watmore and Johnson. You'd think they have to earn the right to play in a side doing well. It may upset a few. I'm not saying it will. Yet I've...
  14. S7DiscoDown

    Were we that bad?

    We've seen a lot worse and probably complained less. I just think its the standards we've set. We've gone to one of the best home sides in the league who sat 3rd and had 69% possession and missed 2 sitters (and a probable pen) and come away disappointed. Also Blackburns goal was pretty poor...
  15. S7DiscoDown

    'Sammy Ameobi to Middlesbrough is all-but done'

    The worst part is that he's probably not going to be a 'Wilder type'. I don't see him high pressing and played a lot of football wide. We don't have wide players. So even when he's back you'd think he's not going to offer much.
  16. S7DiscoDown

    Sporar and connolly ...will not pair up again

    Just play Watmore. He was very mutch pivotal to the way we've been playing. We don't have anything like him in terms of pace and more so graft. I get he's not the best finisher and can't play every game due to his knee. Yet we lose something when he's not playing. I'd even have him in ahead...
  17. S7DiscoDown

    5 strikers on the pitch at the end

    I imagine all 3 loan forwards have some kind of 'assurances' about playing. Teams wouldn't loan them without (nevermind what we are paying). So Watmore is always going to be the one bombed. Although he's probably going to the only one here next season.
  18. S7DiscoDown

    Got to give Mogga some credit

    They looked decent. Very well organised. You can see why they have done so well.
  19. S7DiscoDown

    5 strikers on the pitch at the end

    Probably needed someone in CM. I think it proves how far Payero is out of picture. I'm not sure how Connolly or Sporar were on the pitch after 70 mins. I'd have had both off for Watmore and Balogun.