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    Literally nobody... Tories: We need champagne in pints! *sigh*
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    Energy Bills.

    Our fixed rate ends in April, bam!
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    Is effectively, illegal.
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    Jos Buttler.

    Take a bow! Unbelievable 100. 66 off his last 29 balls.
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    Mo Salah.

    Filth. Pure filth....
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    DAZN To Buy BT Sport.

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    YouGov Poll.

    "Labour takes the lead for the first time since January in our latest Westminster voting intention poll (8-9 Sep) Con: 33% (-5 from 2-3 Sep) Lab: 35% (+1) Lib Dem: 10% (+2) Green: 9% (-1) SNP: 5% (n/c) Reform UK: 5% (+2)" Still seems a bit of a outlier, but will be interesting to see if the...
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    2 Years Ago Today...

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    Who needs Messi...

    ...when you've got Martin Braithwaite?
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    £100k On Two Paintings.

    Our dear leader splashed out £100 grand on two paintings for Downing street. £70k on this monstrosity... More importantly, they are "unable" to say how much public money was used to pay for them, but are some how able to insist the "majority came from doners". Why on Earth are they unable...
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    What's the point of them? Hiking the price cap because wholesale price have gone up, but never push it down when it's low. Same bull every year from energy companies justifying increases, if its not high wholesale prices its "but network costs". Often CEO accepts that for those on the...
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    The RNLI and all the amazing work they do are now being attacked by the idiot'n'chief Farage and co because they save the lives of migrants. This makes them a "taxi service" for illegal immigration. Thankfully it's triggered a surge in donations to the RNLI, but some of the comments I've read...
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    One of the main reasons I was devastated losing on penalties the way we did last night was the inevitable abuse and threats Rashford, Sancho and Saka were going to receive for their misses. It's just awful, 3 young lads who will be devastated at missing a penalty in a major final now having to...
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    Southern Water Fined £90million.

    For deliberately dumping billions of litres of raw sewage into the sea. Nevermind fines, the management should be jailed and the company nationalised. Shocking 🤬🤬...
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    "Westminster Bubble"

    Absolutely appalling response by Boris Johnson to this heartbreaking story raised by Keir Starmer at PMQ's. Total moral vacuum mixed with bare faced lies. He requires launching in to the sea via catapult.
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    Super League Clubs Fined!

    ...a pathetic sum. 😒 "Super League six count £20m cost of settlement with Premier League | Business News | Sky News"
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    Ed Balls

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    Allegra Stratton

    No, not another Covid vaccine, the PM's Press Secretary who's paid £125k per year of tax payers money just said this about Boris Johnson over the Jennifer Arcuri affair... The Nolan Principles for reference: Selflessness. Integrity. Objectivity. Accountability. Openness. Honesty. Leadership...
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    The Suez Blockage...

    Is bringing out the memes!