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  1. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Djed Spence

    What do we do - bring him back or leave him where he is? Would he walk back into this team or would he be coming on from the bench? This is going to be an interesting one to watch play out. Persnally, I think we'll sell him in the window - what do you think?
  2. Wiseman_Vaughn


    Any fans out there? What is your fave album/period. I used to hate Bob Dylan but I've warmed to him over the years and recently got into his stuff. I'm slowly working through the back catalogue (in no particular order) and the highlights so far are Nashville Skyline, Blonde on Blonde and Blood...
  3. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Solicitor Recommendation

    This is a bit of a long shot but I know that this board is the font of all knowledge: Has anybody had any dealings with Divorce Solicitors? My partner has been in a long term wrangle with her ex who is refusing to act upon the Decree absolute issued by the court, in particular the pension...
  4. Wiseman_Vaughn


    The Prince of Woke is at it again - if you are not happy, do something positive and quit your job. Is he so out of touch or does he have a point? I always admire people that take chances and take the uneasy "big" decisions in life - Personally, I'm too much of a coward! Harold
  5. Wiseman_Vaughn


    I'm thinking about going meat free in the New Year. I'm sure that there must be a few posters out there that are long or short term veggies - Any tips on how to adapt to it? I'm active with the gym and cycling so Protein is a bridge to cross (although I might stick with fish to start with).
  6. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Spanish Property

    Hi all - I know that buying property abroad often comes up on here. I was looking at the South of France but after watching A Place in the Sun - I've started to consider Spain. It looks like great value but where do you start to look? Any recommendations from people living there or planning a...
  7. Wiseman_Vaughn

    A Country called Northumbria

    Northumbria "Inspired by the Scottish National Party's campaign for an independent Scotland, the NIP seeks to make the North of England an independent state under the name Northumbria,[6] which previously existed as an Anglo-Saxon medieval kingdom from the 7th century until the 10th century...
  8. Wiseman_Vaughn

    A Christmas Carol

    I just thought I would try and muster some Christmas spirit so I downloaded ACC on Audible. It's free and narrated by Hugh Grant (I presume it's free for Amazon Prime customers too). Very good so far!!
  9. Wiseman_Vaughn


    It looks like it's odds on that CW will be the next manager but the sacking of Farke yesterday would suggest otherwise. Personally, I would have opted for Farke. Norwich were good to watch!
  10. Wiseman_Vaughn


    Just bought a pile of Giles annuals off fleabay from the 50's 60s and 70s - Spending hours flicking through them. Anyway - this is the cartoon from 50 years ago
  11. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Power Cut

    2am this morning!!! Bl00dy alarms going off for ages after!! Who was affected?
  12. Wiseman_Vaughn

    That John Lewis ad

    The one where the cross dressing kid trashes the house. What does everybody make of it? It's very well done in terms of photography, edit and the Stevie Nicks soundtrack are brilliant but what the hell is it about - what is it actually selling to me????? I suspect the Ad agency have sold them...
  13. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Tyneside tea towel shortage averted

    Thank God! Tea Towels
  14. Wiseman_Vaughn


    Morning all - hoping somebody may be able to help so here goes.... I've got an iPhone 7 - this morning it asked me for my passwors rather than my fingerprint scan - this happens fairly often without an issue. I put the password in as usual but it keeps getting rejected. Anybody had this...
  15. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Blair & Brown: The New Labour Revolution

    Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere. I watched the first 2 episodes last night on catchup. Really good insights into them both. What a Politician Blair was!! I knew Mandelson was a key player but I didn't realise how much.
  16. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Memories of Posters

    The thread calling for Nobby and Legend to be brought back into the fold got me thinking about the good (and bad) people that have graced this board over the years. I used to always like Ned's posts (sorry, I can't remember his handle but I'm sure he was originally for Thornaby) and...
  17. Wiseman_Vaughn

    SKS/Rosie Duffield

    This is an odd one and I suspect not as clear cut as it first looks. "Sir Keir Starmer says it is "not right" to say only women have a cervix" I'll hold my hands up and admit that I don't understand the debate surrounding Trans people's rights and beliefs but surely, science is science. What...
  18. Wiseman_Vaughn


    Daniel Craig bows out. Overall, I think he's been a good "James Bond" but who's next? My preference would be Idris Elba. I think he could bring a moodier, darker element to the character. Who would be your choice?
  19. Wiseman_Vaughn

    This site

    Is anybody find it running slowly at the moment? I'm getting a lot of lag and temporary freezes. I'm having to refresh the page a lot.
  20. Wiseman_Vaughn

    Shamima Begum on GMTV

    Did anybody see this? It was quite interesting - With Sajid Javed following up 10 minutes later. Good TV!! Richard Madely said that there was NOT ONE message of support registered for her.